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Swell UK Pond Filter Pump Premium (15,000)

SALE PRICE: £140.99

  • Strong and robust pond pump creates a clear pond and promotes healthy fish. Compatible with Swell filter.
  • Effective and environmentally friendly, by pumping and aerating 15,000 litres of water per hour using just 135w
  • Optimum performance with an efficient silent motor
  • Easy to install simply unpack and anchor it in place, with a 10m electrical cable (no plug)
  • Peace of mind with a 3 year warranty

Product Description

Swell Premium Pond Filter Pumps

Pond filter pumps are the primary product required to create and maintain a healthy garden pond. Swell's Filter Pump Premium is the next step in filter pumps for your pond, with an extensive choice of sizes, so whatever water feature you decide to build there will be one to suit your needs.

Installing a Swell Filter Pump Premium in your pond and running water through a filter, waterfall or stream will massively increase the oxygen content of the water, this is essential to pond life and will help natural bacteria develop in the filter and pond. The natural bacteria consumes debris which helps create the ideal clean pond which is free of algae.

If you have ambitions to create a large water feature then Swell's Premium Range of pond pumps is ideal for powering your filtration system.

Designed to handle water flows from 3,000 to 20,000 litres per hour these pumps are up for the challenge. Available in no less that 9 sizes they are capable of filtering debris of up to 8mm in size.

Debris that would normally settle onto the base of the pond such as dead leaves, uneaten fish food and fish waste will be passed through the pump strainer cage and pumped to your filter. So using a Swell Filter Pump Premium means your pond should be debris free, improving water clarity and quality.

These filter pumps are the solution to pond filtration systems where that extra power is needed and the robust super-silent motor is designed to last and run trouble-free for years. Keeping the water in your pond on the move with this pond filter pump will create the right environment for plants and fish, allowing them to flourish and stay healthy.

The pump is very powerful yet very economical to run due to its low wattage and it comes with a 3 year protection to give you complete peace of mind.

Let your creativity run amok – think waterfalls and cascading watercourses. Think aquatic plants and insect life. Think ornamental fish. And just imagine sitting enjoying all these relaxing sights and sounds that your very own pond will bring you.

Don’t worry if the filter pump blocks up or runs dry as the pump has a built in thermal cut-out which turns the pump off when it overheats. When the blockage is removed the pump automatically starts again.

Just imagine the pleasure you and your friends and family will get from having a pond in your garden. With the aid of a Swell Filter Pump Premium you can create a water feature that will give great enjoyment to everyone.

Max Flow Rate (litres per hour)WattageMax Head Height (m)Length of power cable
Dimensions: 41.4 x 27.18 x 16.51 cm; 5 Kilograms
Manufacture: Swell UK