Aerb Sticky Trap Mosquito Killer – LED UV Light Trap Insect Killer Small Fly Insects Catcher, Sticky trap Mosquito lamp, wall hanging indoor mosquito killer for Bedroom, Living room, Office, white

Aerb Sticky Trap Mosquito Killer - LED UV Light Trap Insect Killer Small Fly Insects Catcher

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  • 【Unique Appearance & Home Use】 The latest design from Aerb brand in 2021, the appearance is advanced and elegant. It has a built-in design so it can be hung on the wall to save space. There is enough space to grab insect attention and reach the high levels of household insecticides. You deserve to have it!
  • 【Low power consumption, safe and environmentally friendly】 The low power of the lamp is very energy-saving, quiet, without radiation, without special smell, without secondary pollution (the trapped dead insects are not distributed to other places in food and lamps), safe and effective. Without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals. Keep this product out of the reach of children or pets!
  • 【360 ° principle of the ultraviolet wavelength】 With a 360 ° cover of ultraviolet rays, it draws all disturbing flying insects into the device and then sticks it to the sticky paper to kill the dead insects directly. It can kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, etc., as well as other tiny microorganisms and other flying insects.
  • 【Interchangeable Accessories & Easy to Install】 We provide 5 Yellow Stickers Yellow Boards Interchangeable, Usually it is recommended to replace the stickers after the surface viscosity exceeds 60% to 80% so as not to be affected. It is recommended that the unit be installed in a position more than 1.8 m above the ground and at least 0.3 m above the roof for a more effective position.
  • 【Wide range of applications】 It is suitable for households, restaurants, hotels, pharmaceuticals, packaging, electronics and other companies, as well as for public health facilities such as canteens, hospitals, communities and schools. It is only suitable for indoor installation or in the rain. Avoid using it in dusty environments as much as possible.
Dimensions: 38 x 13.8 x 23.8 cm; 1.03 Kilograms
Manufacture: Aerb

Product Description


Aerb Sticky Mosquitoes Lamp
  • Model: M009
  • Input voltage : AC110V-120V / 60HZ
  • Power : 4W
  • Cover : 20㎡-50㎡
  • Product size : 380 * 138 * 238mm
  • Housing material : ABS
  • Cable length : 1.5M
  • Weight: 0.6 KG

Why Choose Our Aerb Mosquitoes lamp?

Effective & Energy Mosquitoes Lamp


  • Safe and effective
  • No chemical hazard
  • Noiselessness
  • No radiation
  • Easy To use: Just Plug In , then use it
  • Package contents:
  • Panel * 1 / backplane * 1 / light pipe * 2 / sticker carrier plate * 1
  • Sticker * 5 / screw * 2




Wide Compatible

The Aerb mosquitoes Lamp can not only stick the mosquitoes but also use for moths ,files and fruit flies,

Safe for Children pets and pregnant

Adopt Safe for Children pets and pregnant, Without the use of pesticides or dangerous chemicals, safe for Children, pets and pregnant.

Ensure A Quite Sleep Environment

Quiet and Toxic Substance Free, Safe, It can make you sleep well, odorless, no bait and no radiation, 100% kill mosquitoes, mites and insects. for pregnant women, children and pets.