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Ahlirmoy Mosquitoes Killer Lamp, Electronic Insect Killer Bug Zapper Fly Killer 360°Quiet no Radiation insect Fly Trap with UV LED Light USB Power Portable for Indoor Outdoor

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  • 【Effective Fly Killer】 The mosquito killer lamp uses physical method, produces a 360° UV ray to attract the mosquitoes and other small flies, then the wind from the lights will suck it into a chamber where it will die from dehydration gradually. And this insect killer spreads lights in all directions and has an impact on a wide range of up to 300 square meter.
  • Safe & Durable & Environmentally friendly】 The insect killer designed with non-toxic material has no smoke/odor/spray/noise/pollution/radiation, and it’s ultra safe for kids and environmentally friendly. The natural wasp traps made of high-quality materials are durable and reusable for a long time.
  • 【【Wide Application】 With a strong voltage grid and large working area, bug killer is a perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor such as kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, balcony, garden, courtyard, or any other places to protect you from all kinds of annoying bugs.
  • 【Easy to Use and Clean】 The electric bug zapper can be simply plugged into a power socket. Mosquito killer is designed with a removable tray at the bottom of the device to collect dead flies and easy to clean with a brush after long-using. It’s truly fast and effective for everyone.
  • 【Service ❆ Warranty】 We have a target at providing the best satisfying experience to our customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our Yolecy offers a one year guarantee and a 30 day return policy.

Product description

1. Connect the USB power adapter DC 5V. Press the power button to start using.
2. When using the electronic bug zapper for the first time, it is recommended to leave it on for more than 48 hours. Do not open the mosquito storage box during this time to prevent undehydrated mosquitoes from leaking out. It is recommended to clean the mosquito storage box once after 3-5 days.
3. Place the electronic insect zapper about 1 meter from the ground. The darker the light in the mosquito destruction site, the better the effect. Avoid interference from other strong light sources, and the mosquito killing effect will be better in an enclosed space.
4.When removing mosquito debris, please turn off the power first and then remove the mosquito storage box.
5. Pour out the remains of the mosquito and wipe off the residue on the fan blades of the machine body to prevent the fan blades from jamming. Regular cleaning will help catch mosquitoes.

1. Please keep the electronic bug zapper out of the reach of children. Please do not put your fingers or metal objects into the zapper body to avoid accidents.
2.When removing mosquito debris, please turn off the power first to avoid electric shock.
3. Do not wash the inside of the machine body to avoid failure (water is strictly forbidden in the inner cavity where the circuit board of a model is located).
4. If the power cord or the fan is damaged, give it to a specialist for repair or replacement in order to avoid danger.

SKU: B0919H9R2J
Dimensions: 22.3 x 13.2 x 13 cm; 530 Grams
Manufacture: Ahlirmoy