Bemis 2082CLT000 Venezia STAY TIGHT Toilet Seat Slow Close – White

Bemis 2082CLT000 Venezia STAY TIGHT Toilet Seat Slow Close - White

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About this item

  • STAYS TIGHT with STA-TITE – patented fixing system that will not loosen! Simple, “no mess” installation ensures your seat stays tight on the pan
  • Slow close Silentium – seat does not slam
  • Adjustable integrated chrome-plated hinges
  • Scratch resistant – made from hard, Durolux material that resists scratches
  • Heat resistant – high resistance to burns and flames
  • Long-lasting Durolux thermoset plastic offers a ceramic-like shine
  • Manufactured in Great Britain
  • Fits majority of manufacturers’ universal shaped pans
  • Image format : 40×50 CM

Product description

The Bemis Venezia STA-TITE slow close is a long-lasting, Durolux thermoset plastic seat, designed for majority of manufacturers’ universal shaped pans in Commercial and Residential applications with adjustable chrome plated hinges. This seat features STA-TITE: the patented fixing system that always stays tight and takes the guesswork out of installation. The lower portion of the nut shears off when the proper tightness is reached, so it is always perfectly tight.

Weight: 3.31 kg
Dimensions: 44 x 37 x 4 cm; 3.31 Kilograms
Model: 2082CLT000
Part: 2082CLT000
Colour: White
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Manufacture: Bemis
Colour: White
Quantity: 1

From the manufacturer

statite stays tight bemis toilet seat


  • No more shifting or wobbling on the pan
  • Stays tight up to 30 times longer than regular fixing systems
  • No fumbling with individual nuts, rings and washers during seat installation
  • No messy glue
  • Instals easily – snaps tight
It's simple with STA-TITE!

No More Loose Seats with STA-TITE!

Installing a toilet seat seems simple, but no matter how carefully instaled somehow they always come loose.

That's why we developed STA-TITE, the patented hinge fixing system that does keep your seat tight!

How it works?

1. Finned bushing provides a snug fit to prevent movement

2. One-piece nut creates superior clamping force & resists corrosion

3. Snaps tight as the bottom of the nut snaps off at the optimum tightening torque, locking the seat down perfectly tight


Venezia stay tight bemis toilet seat

no detergents cleaning instructions

Toilet Seats Since 1901

Quality. Craftsmanship. Innovation. These are the guiding principles of the Bemis Manufacturing Family.

By paying attention to every detail, we strive to deliver high quality products that will last for years to come.

Durolux Toilet Seats

Thermoset plastic is naturally heat resistant and will not scratch with standard use. Thermoset plastic is long-lasting and has a ceramic-like shine. These seats are carefully finished with non-slip bumpers.

No harsh abrasives or cleaners containing bleach of alcohol

Only use warm soapy water (e.g. washing-up liquid) and a soft cloth to clean the surface & hinges. Do not use general bathroom cleaners and wipes as these can damage the surface of the seat and the hinge and are not covered by the warranty. Wipe away urine splashes immediately with water. Ensure when cleaning your toilet ceramic with a strong bleach that the seat and cover remain in the upright position until the bleach has been flushed away.