Bristol couple donates land to Coastal Rivers

Thanks to the generosity of John Hall and Paula Crook, Coastal Rivers Conservation Trust recently acquired nearly 10 acres in Bristol. Hall and Crook donated one portion of the land and sold another to Coastal Rivers at a bargain sale (significantly less than market value), leaving only a small amount for Coastal Rivers to fundraise for. The new preserve adds to the 140 acres already conserved in and around the popular La Verna Preserve, which made it a high priority for Coastal Rivers.

Larger, connected blocks of undeveloped land can often support more diverse wildlife than smaller areas that are spaced apart. A large wetland along the property's northwestern edge provides significant habitat for wading birds. Protecting this wetland also has an impact on water quality, as it feeds a lively stream that flows out into nearby Long Cove in Chamberlain.

Coastal Rivers is currently evaluating future management of the property, from wildlife enhancement to possible opportunities for recreation.