Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic Pigeon Deterrent | Pigeon Information Guide | 20 Metre Pack

Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic Pigeon Deterrent | Pigeon Information Guide | 20 Metre Pack

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  • Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes will keep pigeons from nesting and roosting on ledges with a depth of up to 10 cm
  • Includes 60 X 33.4 cm bird deterrent strips and a 40-page pigeon information guide
  • Easy to install, simply glue, screw or cable tie into position
  • Each strip can be snapped into smaller sections to fit any size ledge
  • Comes with a 15 Year confidence boosting warranty

Product description

Style Name:Single

20 Metre Pack of Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes

SKU: B006Z6S07S
Dimensions: 33.4 x 10 x 11.2 cm; 14 Grams
Model: EPN-020
Part: EPN-020
Manufacture: Jones and Son Pest Control Supplies Ltd

From the manufacturer

Defender Bird Spikes Narrow Plastic 20m Pack for Pigeons

What are Defender Bird Spikes?

Defender Bird Spikes are the perfect solution to moving unwanted pigeons from your home or property without harming them. They simply make landing or perching uncomfortable for pigeons and other like-size birds, moving them on without injury. No specialist tools or knowledge are required to fit these pigeon spikes. The job can be completed in an afternoon, leaving you free to sit back and enjoy your bird free home.

Our Defender Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spike is designed for light pigeon infestations on ledges up to 10 cm in depth. This means an area where the pigeons come and go during the day but are not trying to nest or roost overnight. The Defender Bird Spike range was designed, developed and patented by David Jones and his wife Kursty. The Defender Bird Repellent Spikes are made in Devon, UK and have distributed worldwide for over 20 years.

Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic | Product Guide:

Pigeon roosting and nesting on a narrow ledge.

Defender Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spikes cable tied to a balcony railing

Defender Bird Spikes being installed on a plastic window sill

Defender Bird Spikes packs contain a helpfull bird control guide to help you get rid of pigeons

What birds are they for?

The Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spike is a lightweight deterrent suitable for repelling pigeons and other like size birds. For larger birds such as seagulls, use the Defender Seagull Spike. See comparison chart at the bottom of this page. This narrow pigeon spike is not suitable for deterring small song birds.

Where can they be used?

Defenders Narrow Plastic Pigeon Spike can be installed on any ledge which has a depth of up to 10 cm (4 inches). This includes window sills, narrow fence tops, railings and balconies. For wider ledges, install 1 or more rows or consider a wider Defender Bird Spike. See comparison chart below.

Are they easy to install?

No specialist tools or knowledge is required to install Defender Bird Spikes. Every strip can be glued, screwed or cable tied into position. Tubes of Defender Silicone will require a caulking gun for application. The silicone can be used on most surfaces including; wood, brick, plastic, stucco and metal. Not suitable for bitumen, asphalt, polypropylene and polyethylene based surfaces.

What makes us different?

As a family run business, it is important to us to provide a complete service to our customers, drawing on over 20 years knowledge of the bird control industry. Defender Bird Spike Packs contain everything you need to bird proof your property against pigeons including an informative and fascinating guide to pigeons and seagulls.

Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic | Technical Details:

Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes - View from the front

Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes - Close Up

Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes - 20 metre Pack

Technical Specification

  • Pack Size: 20 Metre (60 strips)
  • Strip Length: 333 mm
  • Pin Height: 112 mm
  • Ledge Protection: Up to 100 mm
  • Material: Durolon UV Stabilised Polycarbonate Plastic

Intellectual Design

  • Humane Bird Deterrent: Moves pigeons on without injury
  • Silicone Fixing Holes: Glue protrudes through holes, locking into position
  • Snappable sections: Can be snapped by hand into smaller pieces
  • Fixing Methods: Glue, screw, nail or cable tie

Pack Contents

  • 20 Metres (60 x 333 mm Strips) of Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes
  • 40-Page Defender Bird Deterrent Guide

Defender Bird Spikes | Narrow Plastic | Easy Installation Guide:

Clean the ledge

Apply a bead of silicone to the base of the narrow spike

Push the spike on to the ledge

Each base can be snapped by hand into smaller pieces.

Clean the surface…

All packs include a 40-page Bird Control Guide, which features a in-depth bird spike installation guide. We recommend reading this before starting installation.

STEP 1: Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from bird droppings.

Apply the glue…

STEP 2: Squeeze a 10 mm bead of Defender Fixing Silicone along the base of the spike (Glue not included in this pack size.) A thicker bead may be necessary if the surface is un-even. A caulking gun will be required if using but is not supplied.

Push down on to ledge…

STEP 3: Place the spike towards the front of the ledge and push down firmly. The glue will ooze through the fixing silicone holes, locking the spike in to position. For wider ledges, two or more rows may be required or consider using Defender Wide Plastic Bird Spikes.

Snap in to smaller pieces…

STEP 4: Every effort should be made to spike all possible landing sites that are 5 cm or greater. The spikes can easily be snapped to size, along 9 patented grooves, using your fingers. The spikes are also flexible, and if screwed or cable tied can accommodate a curved surface.

Defender Narrow Plastic Bird Spikes Defender Wide Plastic Bird Spikes Defender Gutter Bird Spikes Defender Fixing Silicone
Max Ledge Protection: 100 mm 200 mm Half -Round or Square Guttering Each tube will cover up to approx 30ft of bird spikes.
Pack Size: 3 m | 5 m | 10 m | 20 m 5 m 5 m 10 oz Tube
Material: Polycarbonate Plastic Polycarbonate Plastic Polycarbonate Plastic UV Resistant Silicone Glue
Suitable for Pigeons: Most surfaces including brick, timber, glass, lead, stone, steel, plastic and stucco. Always check the lable before application.
Suitable for Seagulls: N/A
Pin Height: 112 mm 112 mm 112 mm N/A
Strip Length: 333 mm 333 mm 333 mm N/A