Defenders All-in-One Kit with Veg Patch Protector, Protect Allotments, Vegetable Gardens and Flowerbeds, Slug, Snail and Insect Deterrent

Defenders All-in-One Kit with Veg Patch Protector

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  • Complete netting fencing kit forms an enclosure of 2.4 x 1.2 m; mesh is 75 cm high, with a 30 cm skirt which should be dug into the ground to deter rabbits
  • Protect allotments, vegetable patches and gardens, raised flowerbeds and borders from damage caused by slugs, snails and bugs
  • Slug and snail repellent fence uses fine netting to fend off climbing pests; netting is adaptable with the use of top pole and support poles to map out the area you wish to protect
  • Repel garden pests, reduce weather damage and keep kids, pets and animals out from vulnerable areas
  • Kit includes: Fine mesh fencing 7.2 m long, eight plastic-coated steel support top poles (1.2 m), eight plastic-coated steel ground poles (0.9 m), 12 x netting clips, eight pole connectors

Product description

Product Description

All-in-One Kit: Veg Patch Protector from Defenders is a complete kit to protect allotments, vegetable patches, garden borders and raised flowerbeds from damage caused by bugs, slugs, snails and rabbits. Use as a chemical-free pest deterrent. Forms an enclosure of up to 2.4 m x 1.2 m, which is 75 cm high with a 30 cm skirt.

Directions for Use
  • Identify the area that you wish to protect. Thread the top poles through the netting, using connectors and T connectors to make a square or rectangular enclosure
  • Slot in the ground poles and secure in the ground, making the fencing 75 cm high and leaving a 30 cm skirt
  • Dig the skirt into the soil to prevent rabbits and burrowing animals from entering the enclosure

Box Contains

1 x All-in-One Kit: Veg Patch Protector

Dimensions: 10 x 17 x 124 cm; 1.4 Kilograms
Model: STV083
Part: STV083
Manufacture: STV International Ltd

From the manufacturer

Garden netting to protect vegetable beds

All-in-one kit: quick and easy to assemble

Protect raised garden beds and vegetable gardens

This easy to instal garden fencing acts as a pest deterrent to protect gardens from animals such as bugs, slugs and rabbits.

The provided instructions are multi-lingual and cover every step needed to get you on your way to protecting your garden.

The provided netting comes with skirting, great for burying under the required area to stop burrowing pests.

Package contains;

  • Netting x 72 metres
  • Support pole x 8 pcs
  • Ground pole x 8 pcs
  • Netting clips x 12 pcs
  • Pole T connectors x 8 pcs
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All-in-One Kit – Veg Patch Protector

Long-lasting coverage

  • The mesh has been UV-stabilised and is weather-proof.
  • Once installed, this veg patch protector forms a perimeter of 2.4m x 1.2m.

Humane and effective

The mesh is designed to act as a pest deterrent for gardens without causing harm or damage to wildlife.

The protector is coloured green so it fits in with your allotment or garden, making it an aesthetically pleasing solution for controlling your garden pests.

Length 7.2 metres 10 metres 10 metres 2.4m x 1.2m
Colour netting Green Green Nylon line Black
Extended skirt
Protected area Vegetable patches Gardens Ponds Ponds