Gardena Sprinklersystem Turbine Pop-up Sprinkler T100: Irrigation system for smaller lawns from 50 to 100 m², with adjustable throw range (4-6 m) and stepless sector setting, (8201-29)

Gardena Sprinklersystem Turbine Pop-up Sprinkler T100: Irrigation system for smaller lawns from 50 to 100 m²

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About this item

  • Individually adaptable The throwing distance of the sprinkler can be adapted to the area to be watered and the sector can be continuously adjusted from 70 – 360 ° at the head. can be set
  • Ideal for smaller areas The pop-up sprinkler irrigates lawns up to 100 m & sup2; easy and comfortable
  • Easy installation Simply mount the sprinkler in the middle of the point you want to pour and connect it to a pipeline with a coupling
  • Compatible The oscillating sprinkler also works in combination with others GARDENA Garden sprinklers, sprinklers, irrigation computers, etc. and thanks to the integrated dirt filter, nothing stands in the way of long-term operation
  • Range 4 m-6 m
  • Scope of delivery includes 1x GARDENA Turbine pop-up sprinkler T100
  • Note The minimum running water pressure at the sprinkler is 2 bar in order to ensure proper use and a sufficient watering pattern and watering width.

Product description

Style Name:Turbo-driven Pop-up Sprinkler T 100 |  Pattern Name:Sprinkler

Product Description

The GARDENA Turbine Pop-up Sprinkler T100 for watering smaller lawns

The reliable one GARDENA Pop-up sprinkler ensures even watering of smaller lawns up to 100 m 2. To irrigate larger areas, it can be installed in combination with the turbine pop-up sprinklers T 200 and T 380 and the pop-up oscillating sprinkler OS 140.

Individual and flexible irrigation ; sserung

The pop-up sprinkler is equipped with an adjustable throw range of 4 to max. 6 m and the sector to be irrigated can be continuously adjusted between 70 and 360 °. be chosen. In this way, both narrow and circular areas can be watered. In addition, a dirt filter ensures trouble-free operation. For safe use in winter, the sprinkler system is frost-proof.

GARDENA – Garden owners have trusted Original for over 45 years GARDENA Bewässerungssystemen.


Box Contains

Box Contains

SKU: B00368CU10
Dimensions: 17.15 x 5.72 x 5.72 cm; 130 Grams
Model: 8201-U
Part: 8201-29
Manufacture: Gardena

From the manufacturer



The GARDENA sprinkler system can be combined with other pop-up sprinklers along a single pipeline. Adjust the sprinkler system to your garden and combine it individually to meet your needs.


Complete system for watering

The GARDENA Sprinklersystem offers the option of individual adjustment to any garden. No matter whether you are watering large or small areas, plants or beds, GARDENA system parts give you reliable results.


Multi-area AquaContour automatic pop-up sprinkler

You have a garden that isn’t square or round, and you still want to water it conveniently and comfortably. The revolution in pop-up sprinklers is the most comfortable way to achieve a perfect garden: The GARDENA Multi-area AquaContour automatic pop-up sprinkler provides continuous, water-saving, targeted watering for programmed garden contours of areas up to 350 m². This can be done with up to 50 storable contour points with varying ranges.


Pop-up sprinkler S 80

As part of the GARDENA Sprinklersystem, the GARDENA pop-up sprinkler S 80 is suitable for watering small lawn areas (up to 80 m²). The range can be regulated variably from 2.50 to 5 m, allowing it to be adjusted to the area to be watered. The sector to be watered can be set from 5° to 360°. This allows lawn areas from narrow sectors to full circles to be watered. The water flow can be cut off completely. The integrated filter ensures error-free operation. Installing a Drain Valve (Art. No. 2760-20) in the pipe run makes the sprinkler system frost-resistant.






GARDENA connecting pipes

The central line for a sprinkler system

The GARDENA connecting pipe is the central supply line of any GARDENA Sprinklersystem or GARDENA Pipeline. The operating pressure of 6 bar may not be exceeded.

High-quality material ensures a long pipe service life. The pipe is UV-stabilized, impervious to light, non-ageing, and weatherproof.


Simple installation with Quick&Easy

The patented GARDENA “Quick&Easy” connection technology allows quick pipe installation with a simple 140° rotation of the threaded connection. This saves time and energy during laying of pipelines.

  • Coupler, 25 mm
  • L-Joint, 25 mm
  • T-Joint, 25 mm
  • End Piece, 25 mm

GARDENA Connector

Secure connection

The GARDENA Connector serves to connect pipes in the GARDENA Sprinklersystem. This Connector can also be used to establish a direct connection between the sprinkler system and the domestic water supply.

  • Connector 25 mm x 1/2”; 3/4”; 1” female thread
  • Connector 25 mm x 1/2”; 3/4”; 1” male thread
  • L-Joint, 25 mm x 1/2”; 3/4” male thread
  • Angled connector, 25 mm x 1/2”; 3/4”, male thread
  • T-Joint, 25 mm x 1/2”; 3/4” male thread

Water connection

The connection set components allow a GARDENA Sprinklersystem or GARDENA pipeline to be quickly connected to taps with fittings.



The GARDENA Central Filter is fitted to the main system feed of the GARDENA Sprinklersystem or the GARDENA Pipeline, safely and reliably filtering the water flowing through it. The filter can be used above or below ground. The filter can be removed for easy cleaning. The GARDENA Central Filter can also be used in conjunction with pumps or other irrigation devices.


Drain valve

In a GARDENA Sprinklersystem, the GARDENA drain valve prevents frost damage to the system installed below ground. This is done by automatically draining the sprinkler system when it is shut down; the valve opens when the system water pressure falls below about 0.2 bar. For safe drainage, the drain valves should be installed at the lowest points in the watering system in a quantity of washed coarse gravel.


Connecting Point

The GARDENA Connecting Point serves to connect the tap to the underground GARDENA Sprinklersystem or GARDENA Pipeline. If an irrigation valve or a water connector is installed downstream, the hose connection is under constant pressure; in such cases, the adapter piece should be used to ensure that the hose connection is pressure-resistant.