GEMITTO Defrost Tray Defrost Master Rapid Thawing Tray Aluminum Fast Heat Transfer Without Electricity Chemicals Microwave for Thawing Frozen Meat Food New Home Gift Wife & Mother Gift 33.5×23.5×3.5cm

GEMITTO Defrost Tray Defrost Master Rapid Thawing Tray Aluminum Fast Heat Transfer Without Electricity Chemicals Microwave for Thawing Frozen Meat Food New Home Gift Wife & Mother Gift 33.5x23.5x3.5cm

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About this item

  • 【WHY CHOOSE GEMITTO】The new design concept allows you to add boiling water to the tray, quickly thaw the food, keep fresh, and the fast thermal conductivity of the aluminium plate makes the meat more easily thawed. The new package is equipped with freebies: tongs, silicon cleaner and food protector net case, and the upgrade of the thawing plate equipped with silicone feet.
  • 【DEFROST 8X FASTER】The thaw defrosting tray is made of conductive aluminium which is an extremely efficient conductor of heat. The defrosting plate defrosts frozen food 8 times faster than at room temperature. It takes about 30-60 minutes to defrost most frozen food. Defrosting time varies based on the thickness of the item. Thin food items like burger patties, sausages, and minute steaks are fast to defrost; thick steaks and large chicken breasts take longer.
  • 【FRESH & SAFE】A silver ion antibacterial coating makes the defrost plate thaw frozen foods naturally and retains the original flavour and nutrition of the food. Made of non-toxic materials, it is food safe and suitable for everyday use. Food will defrost faster if it is wet with water before being placed on the defrost plate.
  • 【TIDY & CONVENIENT】 Integrated gutter prevents food liquids from spilling onto your kitchen worktop, keeping your kitchen clean and neat. Easy to use, just place your food on the thawing plate and wait for it to defrost. It’s non-stick and can be quickly hand washed.
  • 【SAVE YOUR TIME】 Completely natural thawing, no chemicals, electricity, or hot water is required. You can defrost food quickly and safely without using a microwave oven which can often partially cook your food during the defrosting process. The GEMITTO aluminium defrosting tray is also safe and remains cool to touch at all times. Note: Due to manual measurement, there may be a deviation of 1-2cm.

Product Description


Waiting for Frozen Meat to Thaw is a Slow Process in Natural?

With GEMITTO Fast Thawing Plate, you don't have to worry about defrosting anymore.

The thawing board speeds up the thawing process and locks in nutrients, keeping the meat fresh and good taste.


Color: Black

Material: Thawing Board: High-density Aluminum/ Dripping Tray: Thickened Durable PP

Pad Size: 29.3×20.8cm/ 11.5"x8.2"

Tray Size: 33.5×23.3x3cm/ 13.2"x9.3"x1.2"

Package Included:

1 x Fast Defrosting Plate

1 x Drip Tray

4 x Silicone Corners(It is just to better protect the thawed plate during transportation, you can discard it.)



GEMITTO Thawing Plate is made of Aluminum-magnesium Alloy, which is light but hard. This material has good performance in conducting heat, so that it can speed up the defrosting process, compared with natural thawing.


Our frozen meat defrosting tray set comes with a drip tray which has been upgraded to thickened pp material. More durable and practical to use. It works in gathering the defrosted ice, to avoid the mess of your kitchen counter.


Manufacturer test included frozen fish, pork, beef and other meats, which turns out that they can be defrosted quicker.


How to Use:

1. You can use thaw board without preheat.

2. You can also add boiling water on the tray if you need more quicker speed.

3. If you have pets, fly or moths at home, you can add a lid or choose GEMITTO Defrost Tray with Anti-fly Pets Lid.

Wave Good Bye to the Old Ways of Defrosting


1. When it is used continuously, please rinse it with warm water.

2. Can be cleaned with neutral lotion.

3. Can be used in dishwashers.

4. NEVER put in the microwave for heating.

5. Keep away from children or pets if you add boiling water on the drip tray.

BrandFaster DefrostingExtra FeaturesSizeWeightDefrost Coating ThicknessFast Delivery
8 x Times Faster8 x Times Faster10 x Times Faster8 x Times Faster24 x Times Faster16 x Times Faster
Anti Pets LidChopHangablefor BBQDrip TrayLuxury
Weight: 790 g
Dimensions: 33.5 x 23.5 x 3.5 cm; 790 Grams
Colour: Upgrade-black(with Tray)
Colour: Upgrade-black(with Tray)