Groove to The Eagles (sort of) at The Birdcage

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. ( -- Fly with The Eagles and the Canaries Tuesday at The Birdcage! More from the Canaries. Tuesday, July 20 @ 6:45 - Groovy Tunes-day with The Eagles

Welcome to the Hotel South Dakota -- such a lovely place! It's going to be a heartache tonight for the Sioux City Explorers. We can go the distance because we know your love of the Birds is strong one!

We're going to take it to the limit one more time with our celebration of one of the top 1970's top bands, and the 50-and-over crowd can "take it easy" with a ticket discount upon purchase at the office/window.

It's also Nacho Tuesdaywhen you get half-price nachos with the order of regular-priced nachos.

So, why don't you come to your senses and join us one of these nights?