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Joyoldelf Wooden Tobacco Smoking Pipe, Pear Wood Pipe with Pipe Cleaners, 9 mm Pipe Filters, 3-in-1 Pipe Scraper, Pipe Bits, Metal Balls, Cork Knockers, Bonus a Pipe Pouch with Gift Box

SALE PRICE: £22.09
YOU SAVE: £3.90

About this item

  • Smoking pipe is made of high quality pear wood, polished to a high standard, smooth, looks elegant and delicate.
  • Pipe cleaners are made of thick cotton, easy to use, just insert it in the mouthpiece. 9mm active charcoal pipe filters, it absorbs nicotine and other harmful ingredients, make the taste of tobacco more mellow, offers you great smoking experience.
  • 3-in-1 tobacco pipe cleaning kit – tamper reamer poker, made of high quality stainless steel, perfect to scrape the inside of the pipe tobacco dust, soot, prevent clogging.
  • Pipe bits, it helps you avoid terrible habit of chewing on your pipe. Metal balls help combust tobacco fully, cork knockers helps clean pipe ashtray.
  • Decent pipe size: Length: 5.9″. Bowl height: 17.7″, it fits regular 9 mm filter. Bonus a pipe pouch and gift box, perfect gift for your family members and friends who love smoking. You will get: 1 x Smoking Pipe, 2 x Cork Knockers, 1 x 3-in-1 Pipe Scraper, 10 x Pipe Cleaners, 10 x Pipe Filters, 2 x Pipe Bits, 2 x Metal Balls, 1 x Pipe Pouch.
Weight: 160 g
Dimensions: 16.8 x 7.4 x 5.6 cm; 160 Grams
Brand: Joyoldelf
Model: ZBI-CJ047
Colour: Black
Colour: Black

Product Description

Tobacco Smoking Pipe


Using smoking pipe is an earlier way for smoking. At that time, except this smoking way, there are two other methods – chewing and nasal suction way.

The smoking pipe need to smoke slowly instead of very hurried way, and have a calm status to enjoy it. You would forget all bad things if you enjoy a pipe when being upset. So sometimes people say that it likes yoga, desert oasis.

Keeping a good smoking rhythm has an important role in maintaining burning. So you need have a reasonable way on smoking, to avoid damaging the pipe.

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

High Quality Joyoldelf Smoking Pipe

Joyoldelf pipe adopts wood, very exquisite and hard, large density. This wood are produced in the tropical rain forest area, which grows very slowly, so pretty smooth after grinding, polished and corrosion-resistant.

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Free Disassembly

The free disassembly pipe is very easy to clean, comes with pipe cleaners, easy to get through the chambers for thorough cleaning.

Meanwhile, the great sense of holding will create us a perfect smoking experience.

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Tobacco Smoking Pipe

Saddle Mouthpiece Design

This pipe adopts the classic saddle-shaped mouthpiece design which is not easy to fall off. The acrylic material has a comfortable bite.

Flame Retardant Carbon Layer

Designed with a flame retardant carbon layer, to preventing it from cracking. But suggest you use it slowing, so that you can enjoy it better and prolong the span life of pipe.

Highly Polished

The smoking bowl is highly polished which looks gorgeous.

It's not only for daily smoking, but also for a collection.

Tobacco Smoking Pipe


  • Please make sure the pipe cool completely before cleaning. Never clean while it is warm as it may cause cracks.
  • Before each smoke, run a pipe cleaner through the stem and tap out the remnants of ash.
  • Please use your professional pipe lighter to lit, to avoid burning the surface of pipe.
  • Please DON'T smoke too long or fill full when at first or second use.
  • All of our smoking pipe come with carbon layer to protect bowl wall from burning out, please DON’T scratch the carbon layer when you first start to use the pipe. Please note that the carbon cake should be about 1/16 ~ 1/13 in or 1.5 mm ~2 mm in thickness for protecting bowl wall, please don't remove the cake too much!
  • After cleaning up the pipe, please DON’T immediately insert the pipe stem into the pipe shank, because the cleaned mortise may swell slightly, if inserted pipe stem at this time may cause pipe shank deform or crack. Please wait for the pipe to dry completely before assembling.