MYCARBON Tower Fan with Remote Control Oscillating Cooling Fan Floor Standing Fan Quiet for Bedroom Living Rooms Office, 90°Oscillation, 3 Speed &4 Modes, 8-Hour Timer, 45W Energy Efficient, 39inch

MYCARBON Tower Fan with Remote Control Oscillating Cooling Fan Floor Standing Fan Quiet for Bedroom Living Rooms Office

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About this item

  • ✔High-end Tower Fan: Unlike traditional tower fans on market, MYCARBON tower fan has 2 air outlets, both can automatically rotate horizontally by 90°, and the upper air outlet can be manually rotated 360°! It’s more flexible and practical! Thanks to the wind wheel with several vertical blades, which rotate on an axis, MYCARBON tower fan diffuses a vertical airflow that gently sweeps your entire room, providing fresh air from head to toe and it’s quiet too!
  • ✔Innovative ECO Mode: As a practical helper in the household, this quiet tower fan designed with 3 wind speeds and 4 modes (normal/sleep/natural/eco mode), which meet the more precise and high-quality living needs for you. In ECO mode, the wind speed adjust automatically depending on the room temperature, when the temperature rises/drops, the speed will rise/decrease.
  • ✔Quiet & Soft & Comfortable & Quiet Column Fan: LED lights will automatically turn off after 60s; Timer function: The running time can be programmed 1h-2h-4h-8h; Only 32dB in Sleep mode, do not disturb you while you sleep. The airflow is smoother and more comfortable after being cut evenly, MYCARBON fan is especially suitable for the elderly, children, pregnant women, patients and other people in need of care.
  • ✔ Tower Fan with Infrared Remote Control & High Sensitivity LED Touch Screen: How happy we can control the standing fan without having to stand up constantly! The infrared remote control can be stored inside a compartment built into the fan, never lose your remote control! A CR2032 battery also included in the remote control. Control panel with capacitive touch buttons ensures high sensitivity.
  • ✔High quality + Safe + Guarantee: Lightweight and space-saving, easy to move and easy to store; Slender shape allows you to save space. Most important of all, this tower fan has been elaborately tested and successfully certified with the globally recognised GS safety mark. This ensures a high quality and safety standard. There is also a CE (EMC & LVD), ERP, ROHS certification. We provide 2-years warranty, contact us if there are any problems.

Product Description

How the tower fan became popular?

With the improved quality of life, people are paying more and more attention to fashion appearance and the more comfortable experience in the consumption of small home appliances.

Tower fan, gets its name because of its unique shape. Air is drawn back vertically through the rear cover of the device. Its height and oscillation allow it to scan larger surfaces and refresh multiple people at the same time.

Compare to traditional normal desk fan/standing fan/ceiling fan, the main advantages of tower fan are follows:

  1. Uniform air flow, blow air all over the body
  2. Cross flow duct blows soft& comfortable wind, no dizziness
  3. Fashion appearance, vertical shape to save space
  4. Small grid for safety

How does it work?

The working principle of tower fan is slightly different from standing fan or desk fan(traditional blade blower). It's a wind turbine that produces airflow, but not blades fixed to the propeller. The wind wheel with multiple vertical blades rotates on one axis.

Although the tower fan has many advantages as mentioned above, most tower fans on the market also have the shortcoming that can not be ignored, it's the small air flow.

This MYCARBON Tower fan solved this problem!

  • Its maximum air speed up to 6.50 m/s, the maximum air quantity: 350m³/ h (the air quantity of the normal tower fan is below 300m/ h) supper powerful, quickly cool you in hot summer!
  • Due to the design limitation of the tower fan itself which makes the air supply distance of tower fan shorter than the normal desk fan/floor fan, we give this fan the maximum air supply distance of tower fan(5m), it's the laboratory measurements, which is much more longer than other tower fans!
  • It's almost a meter high, super large upper and lower air outlet produce a larger vertical surface air to ensure you have ventilation from head to feet, the uniform air flow never makes you headache.
  • The whole device can automatically oscillating horizontally around 90°, and the upper air outlet can be rotated manually horizontally around 360° which provides as large a space as possible with cool air.

Note: The lower air outlet is designed for 90 ° automatic oscillation. The upper air outlet featured with 90° automatic oscillation or 360° manual oscillation.

More design & More caution

The design of the oscillating tower fan is integrated with all your rooms, so that you can get ergonomic, accurate and powerful updates. Its modern appearance represents the owner's elegant taste.

Slim Modern shape & Space-saving & Easy to store

Thanks to its slender shape and its maximum diameter of 25 to 30 cm, the pedestal column fan is especially ideal for small spaces, such as office, bedroom, living room and etc.

Especially suitable for the elderly and children

As we said above, tower fan blows the uniform air flow, wind is softer and more comfortable, so it's especially suitable for the elderly and children use, no worry of discomfort like traditional fans.

Quiet for Bedroom, Timer Function

This fanis extremely quiet, only 32dB noise development, which does not disturb you at night by excessive noise development. 1-2-4-8H timer available. Additionally, the LED light will automatically turn off after one minute, it will not disturb your sleep.

Do you know the biggest advantage of mycarbon fan?

In addition to most of the tower fan options, such as remote control, timer function, multi speed..

MYCARBON tower fan's outstanding advantages are large air flow and quiet as well as it's innovative ECO mode:

Unlike normal tower fans, we have added not only normal modes, natural modes and sleep modes, but also an intelligent ECO function. Instead of pressing the button manually or changing the remote control, like the conventional fan, in ECO mode, the wind speed will automatically change according to room temperature, the temperature increases, the speed increases; the temperature decreases, the speed decreases.

High sensitivity touch control LED panel is full of modern feeling and a sense of technology

Timer off: 1h-2h-4h-8h timer.

Indicator go off automatically

The rear grille is removable for easy internal cleaning. No large particles enter the device.

Unique place inside the fan to storage the remote control, no need to look around for the remote control

The transport handle allows the fan to move around

The spacious base and vibration system provide good stability and greater safety.

Very easy to install

Weight: 5 kg
Dimensions: 100 x 25 x 25 cm; 5 Kilograms
Colour: Black
Colour: Black