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Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent – Quick Fix Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with Ground Stake – Set of 2

Pestbye® Battery Operated Motion Activated Waterproof Cat Repellent - Quick Fix Ultrasonic Cat Scarer with Ground Stake - Set of 2

RRP PRICE: £59.99
SALE PRICE: £34.99
YOU SAVE: £25.00

About this item

  • The safe/humane way to keep cats and other unwanted pests (Dogs, Foxes, Squirrels, Rodents, some insects) out of your garden with fully adjustable sensitivity and frequency
  • Infrared PIR motion sensor detects the movement and body heat (reducing fake activation, extending battery life) upto 7m away activating the cat repeller to emit a high frequency sound, irritating to the cat and almost inaudible to humans
  • Easy set up – Includes zinc coated ground stake and tab for fitting directly to wall or fence. This cat repellent is fully weatherproof, you may leave outside in all weathers.
  • Effective or your money back – if you are not satisfied with the performance of this cat deterrent return within 45 days for a full refund
  • Requires 4 x AA Batteries (not included) battery life varies depending on activations but feedback from customers varies between 6 weeks to several months – (see questions section below)
Dimensions: 10 x 5 x 10 cm; 5 Grams
Model: 1
Part: PB0032X2
Manufacture: Primrose

Product Description

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The PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller sends out a very loud noise at a frequency that cats can hear but is too high for most humans to hear. This is both annoying and frightening to the cats, but does not affect birds. The repeller is also effective for dogs and foxes.

The cat repeller is the quickest fix for cats in the garden. Battery powered, it's easy to instal by pushing into the ground using the stake supplied, or it can be screwed to a wall or fence, we've even supplied all the screws for you!

The PestBye Battery Operated Cat Repeller is designed so that you can alter the frequency of the device to target the specific problem feline causing you distress. The frequency dial adjust the sound emitted to enable you to maximise the effectiveness of the device. All cats are different, they have different hearing levels (depending on many factors including age / exposure to noise). The ability to be able to find a frequency effective to your problem cat is what makes the PestBye device stand out from the competition.

Pestbye cat PB0032

Why the motion sensor?

The repeller comes complete with an infra-red (PIR) motion sensor which turns the device on when a warm body enters the controlled area.

This has an important purpose other than saving battery life: researchers have found that cats can become desensitised to the noise if they realise that random sounds are not associated directly with their presence in the controlled area.

With the motion sensor, the cat learns to associate the noise with its own movement and is much less likely to stop being afraid of the noise.

cat repeller

What area does it cover?

It covers an 110 degree arc, to a distance of up to 32ft (10m). Total unobstructed working area of 369sq ft. Unlike most other repellers this allows you to cover a smaller area with the sensitivity dial. The repeller will give you the full 7m if the dial is fully round to the right to decrease the distance turn to the left; this will help to increase battery life as the repeller will cover the distance you want it to.

Requires four AA batteries. Battery life depends on how many times the device is activated, but they typically last 3-4 months assuming 10 activations per day. Batteries are not supplied as standard.


Frequency Settings

The device allows you to change the output frequency, enabling you to have the most effective solution for your particular pest problem. Listed below are the types of animals that this repeller can be used against and the most effective setting for each.

Working from left to right (from the smallest dot to the largest).

N.B If set on numbers one or two the chances of humans being able to hear this are greatly increased.


How quickly will it work?

If cats have a habit of feeding and fouling in your garden, it can take 14-28 days to deliver the full deterrent effect. 'Occasional' visitors will usually be stopped within 7 days. If you have a dog, the dog may be affected if it is allowed in the same part of the garden. The sound doesn't travel well through walls and fences, so it won't affect a dog in the house, or a neighbour's dog.

Of course, as with all methods involving animal behaviour, we can’t there will be effectiveness in every situation; however, our own experience and the feedback we get from customers suggests that this device is effective in almost all situations. This cat repeller device also do not affect birds so you can keep welcoming them into your garden.


PestBye – Experience in Pest Control

With over 10 years experience in pest control, the UK based PestBye team has worked hard to develop a product that's very effective. We listen to customer feedback and combine our experience with our ability to source quality components in order to develop what we think are the best products on the market.

To see the full range search 'PestBye' or alternatively visit our store, you can find this by clicking on the brand "Pestbye" under any of our products titles.