Product review: Trench Warfare

Inside fighting - Those hard upper cuts that slash through your guard, those ripping shots to the head and body and those short, tight, counter hooks that can do so much damage. How do you learn to bring your best game to the inside? How do you learn to defend yourself in the phonebooth?

Look no further. Teddy Atlas, long one of boxing's most highly respected voices from both the corner as a trainer, and as a Hall of Fame broadcaster from ringside, is also the man behind what has become a hugely successful video series for Dynamic Striking Video. Atlas' line of training, coaching and instructional videos, that target both amateur and professional fighters and coaches, have garnered a huge following for their ability to translate Atlas' passion for teaching every aspect of fundamental techniques in boxing.

"Trench Warfare - The Art of Inside Fighting" looks at the tricky, and often hard to teach, dynamics of the art of inside fighting. The video goes over, in step-by-step detail, how to incorporate punches and combinations at close range, how to control the fight, find angles and create the spaces needed to land effective punches to both the head and body. Atlas, while always on point and precise in his instructions, injects his brand of humor by naming some of the inside fighting techniques with humorous, albeit very applicable, monikers.

He'll take you through Part 1 with the Introduction, The Foxhole and Fire in the Hole. Part 2 sees him demonstrate Around the Mountain, The Phone Booth and One Step Ahead. And, in Part 3, we have Bump and Run, Catch and Pitch, The Can Opener, Backyard and The Pendulum.

These are interesting for both the coach and the boxer as it is fun to learn, how and why, he came up with these catchy titles after he walks you through the various techniques. Inside fighting is something that is a vital part of any well-rounded boxer's game. And, it is not limited to shorter fighters as a way for them to be effectively aggressive.

In fact, interestingly, as Atlas demonstrates, height doesn't have to dictate how effective a boxers inside game is and Atlas' precise and clear instructions are applicable to any size fighter. Like he has demonstrated in his other videos in the series, in the ring, for every action, there is a reaction. Atlas makes sure to walk the student through both the offensive goals of inside fighting, all the while showing how to maintain a safe defensive posture.

Atlas is very precise in his demonstrations of how to initiate inside fighting, maintain position (if you choose to stay in the pocket) and how to respond effectively if your opponent is initiating the inside battle. Trench Warfare displays Atlas' gift and passion for teaching. His vast experience at all levels of the sport, especially at the championship professional level, allow him to bring a wealth of first-hand knowledge.

This lets the fighter and trainer see what really works when fighting in close. Teddy Atlas is a gifted teacher that has taken every aspect of boxing and broken it down into understandable, and applicable, concepts for all levels of boxer from the start-up novice to decorated world champion, and everyone in between. Inside fighting is a hugely important part of any fighters game and this video captures every aspect of the required techniques perfectly.

This video is a great compliment to the other videos in the series. You want to get right into your opponent's grill? You want to take it into close quarters?

You want to learn the art of inside fighting?

Look no further and learn from the best.