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Tentock Camping Kettle with Foldable Handle Fast Heating Gas Teapot Outdoor Compact Lightweight Whistling Aluminium Kettles 1L / 1.6L

Tentock Camping Kettle with Foldable Handle Fast Heating Gas Teapot Outdoor Compact Lightweight Whistling Aluminium Kettles 1L / 1.6L

SALE PRICE: £24.99

About this item

  • Made of hard anodized aluminum alloy, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant.
  • Foldable insulated handles that keep it easy when hot and protect you from burning.
  • High efficiency and energy saving, built with heat exchanger, can improve heat efficiency by 30% and reduce cooking time.
  • Compatible with most outdoor ovens, suitable for camping, picnics, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Matched with a mesh pocket, easy to carry.

Product Description


We've been devoting ourselves to providing best outdoor equipments combining practicability and portability for those fond of outdoor camping.

  1. This water kettle hasair vents and heat accumulatorat the bottom which can largely improve the heat efficiency and accelarate the boiling time. You only need about 5-6 mins to boil the tea or coffee.
  2. This teapot hasa folding handle and a lid covered with silicone, insulated with heat and high temperature, so that when pouring out the boiled water, you will not get scalded by the splashed water.
  3. This outdoor coffee kettle is made offood grade aluminium oxide, only approx 200g. It's very easy to lift up and carry, a wonderful choice for trips. It's also a helpful tool for your kitchen. You can use it to cook tea for office break or family gatherings.


Food-grade aluminium

  • Besides its portability, safety is very important, especially for outdoor occasions. Tentock kettle is made of food-graded oxide aluminium, without any chemical coating, resistant to scratch and corrosion, not easy to deform.

Specification of 1.6L

  • Size: 90*175mm / 3.54 x 6.89''
  • Height with handle: 195mm / 7.68‘’
  • Packing Weight: 450G

Specification of 1.1L

  • Size: 89 x 150mm /2 .28 x 5.91‘'
  • Height with handle: 170mm / 6.70‘’
  • Packing Weight: 370g


Compact design

  • The handle is covered with anti-scald silicone.
  • The handle is foldable, convenient to carry and store.

Short opening design

  • This special design is to avoid the kettle from scraping when packing.
  • Meanwhile, the small spout is to prevent the liquid spilling out.

Heat exchanger

  • To save uses' unneccessary time, the kettle is designed with heat accumulator to improve thermal efficiency.
  • Therefore, you only need 5-7 mins to boil your tea or coffee according to the firepower of stoves.

Packing box

  • It's packed with a mesh bag in the packing box, if the kettle is not in use or you want to carry it for your trips, you can store it in the mesh bag, its small body will hardly take up space and burden.

Weight: 350 Grams
Size: 1.6L
Dimensions: 17.5 x 17.5 x 9 cm; 210 Grams
Brand: Tentock
Model: BL200-L1
Colour: 1.6l
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: Tentock
Colour: 1.6l
Composition: Aluminium alloy and silicone
Size: 1.6L