The best weighted blankets for 2021

I'm on a never-ending quest to get better sleep at night. I try to practice good sleep habits, like going to bed at the same time each night, putting my computer away at least an hour before bed and avoiding alcohol (at least on weekdays). 

Sometimes all that still isn't enough to combat racing thoughts and sleeplessness. I'd always been interested in the concept of weighted blankets but wasn't convinced that "deep pressure stimulation" was a real thing that could help with insomnia or sensory issues -- how could an extra-heavy blanket do all that?

After months of testing weighted blankets for this guide, I've changed my mind. I 100% notice a near-immediate calming effect when I crawl under a heavier blanket -- and I fall asleep faster, too. Since I tend to be a hot sleeper, I primarily enjoy weighted blankets on my couch in the evenings.

That said, on particularly stressful or restless nights, I'll take a weighted blanket to my bed to get some much-needed shut-eye. If you're thinking about buying a weighted blanket, you're in luck -- there are so many weighted blanket deals out there. You'll surely find something attuned to your specific body weight, sleep style and general preferences.

There are weighted blankets made with faux fur, minky fabric, cotton, plastic beads, glass beads and so much more, and they all offer that extra weight and gentle pressure that helps you sleep. In my experience, the following weighted blankets are some of the best you can buy right now. We update this list of the best weighted blanket options periodically.

Not sure how to pick the perfect weighted blanket for your needs? This guide gives you four tips for choosing the best weighted blanket. If you're feeling crafty, you can make your own weighted blanket too, for kids or adults!