Battlefield 2042 has been delayed until late November

(Pocket-lint) - Battlefield 2042, the much anticipated 2021 instalment[1] of the massively popular FPS franchise, will now be releasing on 19 November rather than 22 October as originally planned.  The news comes straight from the official Battlefield Twitter account, and cites the "unforeseen challenges for our development teams" as the primary factor causing the postponement. 

An update from the Battlefield team[2]

-- Battlefield (@Battlefield) September 15, 2021[3]

In case you're unaware, BF2042 takes place in the titular year in the midst of a major global conflict between the United States and Russia however, if you were hoping to dive into that scenario in a single-player story, you're out of luck this year, as the newest Battlefield is set to scrap the single-player campaign altogether in favor of an all-hands on multiplayer experience. The game will feature online combat of up to 128 players on the latest-gen consoles and PC, along with the most "destructible" environment ever created in a Battlefield game before.

Players from Xbox One and PS4 will be able to play together, while players on Xbox Series X/S, PS5 and PC will all get to share the same server.  Pocket-lint has extensively covered everything there is to know about Battlefield 2042 in our roundup, so if you're interested in checking that out, make sure to click here[4].  Writing by Alex Allegro.

Originally published on 15 September 2021.


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