Best juicers for 2021: Breville, Hamilton Beach, Oster and more models compared

Whether you love the taste of fresh juice or are looking to sneak an extra fruit or vegetable serving into your diet, there are many reasons to juice at home. But what's the best juicer for your particular needs? We tested eight of the best-selling and top-reviewed centrifugal juicers to find out which ones will give you the most OJ for your orange.

Entry-level juicers produce strained juice in seconds as blades spin at high speeds to chop your produce and push it through a mesh sieve.

These centrifugal machines can be loud and messy, but nothing quite beats fresh juice at home, especially if you're using your own homegrown produce. -- you know you want to add a leafy green or two from your garden to a delicious and nutritious juice.

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Your juicer should also have a big enough feed tube for even larger pieces of produce -- even if you're only planning to juice citrus fruit or celery, there are a lot of options out there and you want those sweet juice extraction capabilities to be at your fingertips. If you're in the market for just that, grab yourself a green juice or nut milk and keep reading our picks for best juicers for 2021 -- here's how it all shakes out.

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