Best leather cleaners and conditioners for cars 2021: Lexol, 3D and more

Leather seats can make your ride feel more luxurious -- but if you don't take care of the leather, it won't feel so luxurious with time. Like the outside of your car, a leather interior is prone to wear, leading to wrinkles, rough patches and even cracking. That's why when you're thinking about car polishsoap, waxes and other products that keep your car in tip-top shape, you should consider car leather cleaners and conditioners for your vehicle's interior.

We've tested quite a few leather-care products over the years, so if you're searching for the best leather conditioner for cars, as well as the best car leather cleaner, read on.

Our picks below, which we update periodically, are based on first-hand experience. We're highlighting products that maintain and improve leather condition without leaving greasy residue in place of dirt and grime -- a leather product shouldn't leave leather seats feeling gross. We've also included some pro tips on the best way to apply leather care products.