Instagram boss admits native iPad app would be good

(Pocket-lint) - Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri recently told a fan requesting a native iPad version of the app that it's a nice idea. However, he also revealed that it's also unlikely to happen anytime soon. There are plans to add the ability to post through the Instagram[1] website - with some even having trial access to the feature now - but it's always been baffling that a native iPad app is not available.

It's possible to install the iPhone app onto an iPadOS device and post from there, but it's hardly ideal. It is sized for an iPhone screen, so you have to expand it (using the arrow icons in the bottom right of the screen) and it just looks clumsy. That's why the query and Mosseri's response: "It'd be nice to do."

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Sadly though, it seems the Facebook-owned brand has other priorities: "But there's a lot to do and only so many people, so it hasn't made the cut," he added to his Instagram Stories posting during a user Q&A.

What sweetens the pill somewhat is that the soon-to-be-released iOS 15[2] will add the ability to run iPhone apps in landscape mode. This means you can run it without having to expand the screen and alongside other apps while multitasking. Writing by Rik Henderson.

Originally published on 14 September 2021.


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