Nintendo Switch gets major, permanent price drop

(Pocket-lint) - Nintendo has slashed the price of its standard Switch console. With the Nintendo Switch (OLED model)[1] coming on 8 October, the Japanese gaming giant clearly felt it needed a more attractive price for the current version. It is now listed on the official Nintendo[2] UK online store for GBP259.

Other UK retailers will likely follow soon. You can track their prices below.

squirrel_widget_140007 The news on a price slash was revealed over the weekend just gone, with at least one retailer claiming the Switch[3] would be "permanently reduced" to less than EUR300.

One French retailer even listed it at EUR259 - which turns out to be the case.

Je vous l'ai annonce avant le monde entier, la baisse de prix sur la Switch arrive des demain et elle sera meme a 249EUR chez Leclerc Quimper ![4][5]

-- Nintend'Alerts (@nintendalerts) September 12, 2021[6]

Although the price drop seems to be around GBP20, it's fairly significant if you take into account it now puts the regular Switch at GBP50 cheaper than the GBP309 Switch (OLED). When we first wrote about the OLED model, we saw it's minor upgrades (slightly larger OLED display, double storage and Ethernet port on the dock) as worth the slight increase in price. Now it's more expensive too - that makes the choice between them harder, we expect.

Still, it's great news for those after a Nintendo console this coming holiday season.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

Originally published on 13 September 2021.


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