Razer has made some woven thimbles for mobile gamers

(Pocket-lint) - Are slippery thumbs holding you back from winning your favourite mobile game? Then Razer's gaming finger sleeves may be the solution you never knew you needed.  It seems that Razer is doing it all lately, from the Razer Zephyr face mask[1] to its fancy gaming chair[2].

Razer already has plenty of controllers for giving gamers the edge, including the Razer Kishi mobile controller[3], but now it has you covered if you'd rather just use your thumbs to get your game on.  Razer's gaming finger sleeves are crafted from high-sensitivity silver fibre to give you a better grip and improved control while you play. Each sleeve is said to be touch-sensitive compatible and while also helping to enhance your responsiveness and minimise friction. 

If you get a bit hot and bothered while gaming, you'll be pleased to hear that the sleeves are also sweat-absorbent and crafted to keep your fingers cool too. A healthy mix of spandex and nylon ensures they'll fit all fingers without much fuss.  Naturally, the sleeves are emblazoned with the Razer logo and neon green accents, but alas, no Razer Chroma support. 

If these sleeves float your boat, you can grab them now straight from Razer for £9.99[4] or GBP9.99 in the UK[5]

Writing by Adrian Willings.

Originally published on 15 September 2021.


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