Apple sends invites to ‘Unleashed’ media event on 18 October

(Pocket-lint) – Apple has officially confirmed 18 October is the date the company will be hosting its next media event, where the Cupertino giant is expected to unveil a series of new 14-inch and 16-inch redesigned MacBook Pros.  Other potential introductions include an even larger iMac with a display upwards of 32-inches featuring powerful Apple silicon and perhaps even an all-new Mac mini and MacBook Air. However, those last two are less of a given than the surefire introduction of a new MacBook lineup. 

As for any hints able to be extracted from the invitation graphic, there isn’t too much besides an Apple logo that looks like it’s travelling at light speed, which considering the sheer power Apple’s most basic M1 chip can achieve, these new high-performance M1X units expected next week will surely bring mind-boggling power.  Pocket-lint has spent over a year compiling all the information known regarding Apple’s upcoming 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro series, so if you’re interested in checking out our full roundup, tap here[1]

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This excellent sale has more than a few impressive deals to offer up – check out some highlights here. As for the possibility of a new Mac mini, we wrote about what to expect just a few months ago, which you can read here[2]

Writing by Alex Allegro.

Originally published on 12 October 2021.


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