Fitbit Black Friday deals 2021: What to expect

(Pocket-lint) - If you're planning to hunt down a Fitbit deal this Black Friday[1], you're in luck. Whether you're after one of the company's fitness trackers[2] or smartwatches[3], there's typically tons of options that hit the sale.

Since Fitbit's wares make great presents for others - or perhaps a treat for yourself - there really is no better time to try and pick up savings on the likes of the Charge 5, Luxe, Sense, Versa 3. Older models, as we'll detail below, are also prime candidates for deals.

We're still a short while away from the real Black Friday deals kicking in, since the day itself isn't until 26 November, but there's no harm in planning your action now.

If you know what you're looking for heading into the bonanza of sales, it makes it much easier to avoid getting sucked into unnecessary purchases.

With that in mind, we'll be covering which Fitbit devices we expect to see discounted on Black Friday 2021 - and where - as well as the pick of last year's sales to give you an idea of what to expect.

Fitbit Black Friday: Devices we expect to go on sale

In both the UK and US, an outgoing or previous generation tracker or smartwatch often proves the most popular candidate for Fitbit discounts. As an example, last year saw the Fitbit Charge 4[4], Fitbit Inspire 2[5] and Fitbit Versa 2[6] become the most common models to receive price reductions. Fitbit's line of devices hasn't actually changed too much over the past year, but, with 2020's Sense[7] and Versa 3 smartwatches now a year into their life cycle, it's very possible we see them receive their first significant price snips.

Older models are still prime candidates, too, given that many retailers will still be selling off stock, and don't forget about the Ace 3 kids tracker[8], either.

Best Fitbit fitness tracker 2021: Which Fitbit is right for you? By Britta O'Boyle . 26 April 2021

See our guide to the best Fitbit fitness trackers, what they do, how they work and which Fitbit wearable is right for you. The company's latest trackers - Fitbit Luxe[9] and Fitbit Charge 5[10] - are the only devices we believe will remain largely free from the Black Friday sale, but it's certainly possible the odd retailer will slightly reduce these from the RRP, as well.

Where you can find Fitbit deals on Black Friday

Black Friday 2021 UK quick links

These retailers often feature some of the top UK Black Friday deals on Fitbit devices. Follow the links below to jump straight into their main hub.

Black Friday 2021 US quick links

These are the best hubs to jump into if you're searching for Black Friday deals for Fitbit trackers in the US. 

Best US Fitbit deals last Black Friday

oFitbit Inspire 2 Fitness Tracker, £69.95 (£30 off):This Fitbit activity tracker has an OLED display and can last ten days on a full charge.View the deal on Best Buy[11].

oFitbit Versa 2, save £50, now £129.95 (was £179):The Versa 2 isn't the newest Versa smartwatch, but it offers built-in Alexa support, a lovely design and some great Fitbit features. See the deal on Best Buy[12]. o Fitbit Charge 4 Special Edition, now £119.95, save £50 (was £169.95): The Charge 4 Special Edition is now the previous generation of Fitbit's flagship tracker, offering a slim design and built-in GPS. View the offer at Fitbit[13]. o Fitbit Charge 4, now £99.95, save £50 (was £149.95):The Charge 4 activity tracker offers many of the same features as the newer Charge 5, but in slightly different finish options.View the offer at Amazon US[14].

o Fitbit Inspire, now £49.99, save £10 (was £59.99): The Fitbit Inspire doesn't have as many features as the other Fitbit trackers, such as Inspire 2 or Luxe, but it's great as a basic activity tracker. View the offer at Verizon.[15]

Best UK Fitbit deals last Black Friday

o Fitbit Charge 4, now GBP99, save GBP30.99 (was GBP129.99): The previous generation of Fitbit's flagship fitness tracker is still a very capable model, featuring an attractive design and built-in GPS.View the offer at Amazon[16] o Fitbit Inspire HR, now GBP59.99, save GBP30 (was GBP89.99): The Inspire HR is a superb choice for those on a budget, offering heart rate tracking, sleep tracking and activity tracking in a slim design. View the offer at Amazon[17] o Fitbit Inspire, now GBP38.99, save GBP31 (was GBP69.99):The Fitbit Inspire doesn't offer the heart rate monitoring smarts its siblings do, but it's still a very solid budget tracker. View the offer at Amazon[18]

oFitbit Versa 2 Special Edition, now GBP149.99, save GBP70 (was GBP219.99):The Versa 2 Special Edition has a beautiful design that still holds up well against the Versa 3, as well as Alexa support and excellent activity tracking. View the offer at Amazon[19] oFitbit Ionic Adidas Edition, now GBP179 (was GBP219):The Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition may be a little long in the tooth, but it still offers plenty of great features, including built-in GPS.View the offer at Currys[20] oFitbit Versa 2, now GBP129, save GBP70 (was GBP199):The standard Versa 2 isn't quite as premium-feeling as the Special Edition, but you get all the same features and design specs. View the offer at Currys[21]

Writing by Conor Allison.

Originally published on 14 October 2021.


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