Massive HTC Vive Flow leak reveals all

(Pocket-lint) - HTC is to unveil a new Vive headset tomorrow[1], but a major pic leak has revealed plenty about it ahead of time. The HTC Vive Flow, as it is to be called, was unveiled in many images posted by @evleaks on his Twitter account. It looks to be a mixed reality headset, similar to a Magic Leap, and is as far removed from the HTC Vive Pro 2[2] as you could imagine.

There's no headstrap for starters, and it looks to use a mobile phone connection as its main source.

Miss me, @HTC?[3][4]

-- E (@evleaks) October 12, 2021[5]

According to the images, it features "immersive spatial audio", an "active cooling system", and a "dual hinge fit system" that utilises arms rather than a full strap. There is Bluetooth connectivity too. Another of the images posted shows that pre-orders will start on 15 October for shipping in early November.

The HTC Vive Flow seemingly costs £499. There's no UK pricing as yet.[6]

-- E (@evleaks) October 13, 2021[7]

HTC[8] has been making moves in the direction of casual virtual reality recently, and this ticks all the right boxes. It's small and portable, with a presumably light enough build to use for quick sessions.

We'll no doubt find out much more tomorrow, when it officially launches.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

Originally published on 13 October 2021.


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