The best resistance bands you can actually buy right now

Resistance band workouts have seen a surge in popularity since people started working out from home due to coronavirus shutdowns. With many gyms and fitness remaining closed, exercisers have flocked to simple and space-saving methods of staying fit and healthy at home.

Resistance band training has been of interest because the bands themselves are inexpensive compared to kettlebells and dumbbells. They also don't take up as much space as most exercise equipment, they're not loud (making them perfect for top-floor apartment dwellers) and they're versatile.

A resistance band workout can target the upper body, lower body, core and more, and it's easy to up the resistance level and build strength. There are a lot of resistance band options out there (you could buy a tube resistance band, a fabric resistance band, a mini band, a loop band, power resistance bands and so many others for different types of exercise), but to be truthful, the best resistance bands are any that you can currently find without a 15-week backorder. Luckily, there are several sets of good workout bands online right now.

If you're looking to improve your home gym and work a new muscle group or two, this article lists the best resistance bands you can currently buy without waiting for weeks. Just know that while we'll do our best to keep this updated, prices and availability can change. Read more: How to get a great workout with a kettlebell