Best mattresses for kids in 2021

Quality sleep should be a top priority for everyone, but kids need more rest -- up to 13 hours per night depending on their age -- than adults. Poor sleep can negatively impact your kid's mood, lead to difficulty concentrating and contribute to a shorter attention span. If you notice that your child is sleepier -- or crankier -- than usual, it may be time to upgrade their sleep setup.

A new mattress can't help mitigate the "Can I just stay up one more hour?" queries, but it can improve your child's sleep quality once you actually get them into bed.

While a child can fit into most beds, the best mattresses for kids are made just for them. They're typically on the softer side to support their lower body weights, and some have special layers, like waterproof covers, that help ease your mind during potty training or with nighttime accidents.

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From memory foam mattresses to hybrid mattresses, to specialized dual-sided beds that you can flip as your children grow, these are the seven best mattresses for kids.