Great PS5 SSD deal gets you extra 1TB with 31% off

(Pocket-lint) - Ever since PlayStation unlocked the ability to upgrade a PS5's internal storage, we've been scouring the 'net for great deals on compatible SSD cards. After all, next-gen games take up a sizeable amount of the existing space and having to uninstall and reinstall favourites is a pain. Thankfully, the Black Friday[1] sales have started and one card from Crucial is available with a very healthy discount indeed.

The PlayStation 5-compatible Crucial P5 Plus has more than a 30 per cent saving at present.

squirrel_widget_5808798 In the UK, that brings it down to a very manageable GBP107. There are even big discounts in Central Europe and the US.

The Crucial P5 Plus is a very decent card too, one that the Digital Foundry also recommends. It more than meets Sony's recommendations for minimum specifications, although you might need to invest in a heat sink too. Sony does stress that a heat sink is important and many compatible cards come with them installed already.

However, that usually adds a premium to the price. We recommend you just install one yourself instead... it's actually very easy, like placing a sticker really. We explain exactly how to do it here[2].

There are several available, you just have to make sure it's not too wide so will fit inside the console.


If you want even more capacity for your PS5, you could opt for a 2TB SSD instead, and while this normally adds a hefty chunk onto the pricing, there is another great Black Friday deal out there in the form of XPG's Gammix S70 Blade, which comes with a heatsink for you to stick on included in the package.

XPG Gammix S70 Blade 2TB - save GBP136


This is a superb deal for 2TB of space (and it's also great for PC gamers, too). You get a massive discount that takes it down to just GBP204, which is a price you won't see too often. Writing by Rik Henderson.

Editing by Max Freeman-Mills.

Originally published on 23 November 2021.


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