HyperX’s gaming headsets have a whole heap of Black Friday deals going on

(Pocket-lint) - HyperX makes some seriously great gaming headsets, perfect for playing with on either PC or on console. It's discounting a whole range of its headsets for Black Friday[1], and a great many of those deals are already live. We've gathered some of the highlights below, which cover a few different price points, but all of them offer great sound at their price, something we've established having tested many of them ourselves.

HyperX Cloud II - save £20/GBP28


Arguably HyperX's most well-known set of headphones, the Cloud II is a great headset with beefy, clear sound and now a great price too. 

This deal makes it a superb mid-range headset compared to what else you can get for this sort of money.

We particularly like it in the red variant that's available, which is nice and classy.  There are other options too though, which will surely appeal to HyperX fans. 

HyperX's gaming headsets have a whole heap of Black Friday deals going on

HyperX Cloud Alpha S - save £50/GBP31


HyperX Cloud Alpha S are a slightly more premium model from HyperX with solid build quality and the big addition is noise-cancelling with a decent discount too. 

HyperX's gaming headsets have a whole heap of Black Friday deals going on

HyperX Cloud Stinger - save £20/GBP25


If you're looking for a true bit of budget brilliance then the Cloud Stinger is a brilliant option that punches way above its weight for this price. 

It's worth checking out the deals directly on Amazon's hubs too, as there are deals on everything from HyperX keyboards to gaming eyewear:

More Black Friday deals

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Editing by Adrian Willings.

Originally published on 18 November 2020.


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