IPL Hair Removal Device Permanent Devices Hair Remover 999,000 Light Pulses Painless Long Lasting for Women and Men,Facial,Bikini,Body

IPL Hair Removal Device Permanent Devices Hair Remover 999


  • 【Permanent Hair Removal Device】–This upgraded hair removal device uses Intense Pulsed Light technology (IPL).The IPL system’s light targets,removes,and inhibits the regeneration of hair follicles,for fast and permanent hair removal.Due to the limitations of IPL technology,it is not suitable for those with white, grey, blonde, red hair, and those with darker skin as well as those with dark brown skin.
  • 【2 Modes & 5 Energy Levels】–IPL hair remover is with 5 energy levels and 2 modes. Customize your exclusive energy level according to your hair color and skin tone. The manual mode allows you to remove small and individual amounts of hair, which is best for sensitive areas such as the bikini line (4-min), upper lip,and the armpit (1-min).The automatic mode quickly removes large swathes of hair. This mode is best for larger and less sensitive areas such as the arms, legs, and back (8 mins).
  • 【Upgraded 999000 Flashes &Economic】-This IPL hair removal device offers 999,000 flashes of high-intensity light that quickly takes away unwanted hair.It is designed for 20-30 years of use, yet most users can enjoy hair-free, smooth, and silky skin after a few uses.This device is economical with a long life-span making it suitable for one or multiple individuals.It is clinically proven to offer safe and long-lasting results.Many other devices on the market only offer 500,000 flashes.
  • 【Effective Hair Removal Device】–The numerous rigorous clinical studies on this IPL hair removal device prove the efficacy and reliability of the product. This device has been proven to be safe and reliable for body and facial hair removal. In as short as 8 to 12 weeks,90% of users of this device saw a rapid decrease of hair growth. (Note:The effect of hair removal varies depending on given users’hair colors and skin tones.)
  • 【Painless Hair Remover】–Compared to the salon hair removal,IPL Hair Removal gives you comfortable and painless but effective hair removal experience. A professional IPL treatment system is also suitable for women and men.Home use IPL hair removal is your economical solution at home, no need spending much money and time on monthly salon appointments.
Brand: INNZA
Origin: China

Product Description

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Flash Time 999,000 999,000 999,000
Irradiation area 3c㎡ 3c㎡ 3c㎡
Energy Level 5 Level Adjustable 5 Level Adjustable 5 Level Adjustable
Energy Frequency 2-4.67 J/cm² 1.5J-3.3/c㎡ 2-4.67 J/cm²
Two Modes Automatic + Manual Automatic + Manual Automatic + Manual