Leaked images of Starfield Collector’s Edition smartwatch

(Pocket-lint) - Not much is known about Bethesda[1]'s long-anticipated space RPG, Starfield[2], but we may have caught a glimpse of its Collector's Edition goodies already. Redditor SquiddyVonn uncovered some images[3] along with a draft user manual[4] for a Starfield-themed smartwatch manufactured by The Wand Company. In fact, eagle-eyed fans have spotted this design before, it was briefly shown in a behind-the-scenes trailer[5] released in 2021.

The watch appears to have various features such as tracking temperature data, humidity, sunrise and sunset times, a step counter and displaying notifications. It's all presented in a utilitarian, futuristic UI that is very much in line with the game's aesthetics. SquiddyVonn posted a follow-up video[6] on his YouTube channel, in which he suggests the watch could have second-screen integration similar to the Pip-Boy edition of Fallout 4[7].

The Wand Company[8] producing the device has worked on numerous other video game collectables in the past. These include Pip-Boy replicas, a collectable die-cast Nuka-Cola truck and some seriously premium Pokeball replicas. It might be a little while before we get any confirmation as the game is not set to release until November 11 2022, but the early glimpses definitely seem to be pointing to a Collector's Edition presentation box.

Given the popularity of Fallout 4's Pip-Boy edition, we'd expect this to be a highly sought-after collectable and the fact that it's actually practical makes it all the more appealing.

Writing by Luke Baker.


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