Petition: Regenerate Scotland’s Peatlands

Petition: Regenerate Scotland’s Peatlands

Often, when people talk about climate change, they focus on emissions: the human activities that release carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, causing global warming.  It makes sense.  Cutting emissions is the most important step humans can take to protect the planet.  And people can contribute to cutting emissions by switching to vegan products, supporting clean energy, and purchasing less fast fashion. But emissions are only one side of the climate-change equation.  Humans not only hurt the planet by releasing greenhouse gases; we also hurt the planet by destroying the natural ecosystems that counteract our emissions.  So, for example, when humans raise and slaughter cows for food, we harm the environment because cows release exorbitant amounts of greenhouse gases.  But we also harm the environment by cutting down the Amazon Rainforest to grow soy to feed these cows.  The Rainforest is not only home to innumerable species, it also protects the planet by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Protecting the Amazon is necessary to fighting climate change, but it is not sufficient.  Humans are destroying other natural ecosystems that soak up carbon, and these ecosystems need protection as well. One important example is Scotland’s Peatlands.

Peatlands are special wetland habitats made of partly decomposed organic matter that form over thousands of years.  When plants become waterlogged, the oxygen deprivation stops them from decaying.  The Sphagnum mosses in acidic, nutrient-poor peat bogs can store huge amounts of water.  Scotland’s Peatlands in particular, which are nearly the size of all of Wales, are an often-overlooked ecosystem that stores 25 times more carbon than all the forests in the UK combined.  They’re also home to many species and filter much of Scotland’s drinking water.
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But according to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), approximately “80% of the UK’s peatlands are degraded in some way.”  As humans destroy Scotland’s Peatlands, they emit more carbon dioxide than they capture.  Sign this petition and tell Scotland to protect its resources and the planet.

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