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Product Review of Animoto

Spread the love Animoto can be used to create video slideshows; it uses a simple and easy to navigate interface. Video slideshows can be created in just a few simple steps.

Once the user is satisfied with their creation, they can share it via a link, export it to YouTube, or download it. What Users Love About the App “While we produce longer form videos using editing software such as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, we still value our Animoto subscription to help us create something fast and flashy.

For seasonal or holiday-based promotions or events, they have some great themed backgrounds. We really get use out of Animoto when we have people share their photos and cell phone videos from events we can’t attend and then are able to quickly generate fun and engaging videos that really capture the event. Being able to create square aspect ratio videos easily is enormously useful if your primary distribution is on Social Media.

Just as great is the ability to go back and quickly re-edit the video in 16×9 for display on a monitor or video wall.” “I love Animoto’s ease of use, along with the amazing quality final product. It looks professionally made, even when they’re created by 4th graders.”

 “I can’t lie: if one were motivated to produce a video without a strong narrative–an advert or “spring break memories!” type video, a tutorial, evenin a few minutes, it would be fine. Animoto lets you drop your media into a box that you then distribute across their templates (which are fine) or into a from-scratch video, and boom.” “The ability to compile videos with premade templates allows making videos to be a breeze.

Have a video you make often? Copy the template and update the photos. A wide variety of music and sharing options are available as well.”

“Its ease of use is definitely the best thing about this software. I can easily create a slideshow in a couple of minutes with a template video (something that I wouldn’t even know how to do outside of Animoto), add licensed music, and tweak the video, including the speed and order in which the images are shown. This whole process used to take me at least 40 minutes and involved different sofware tools. Plus, if I had to correct a small detail, I would need to create everything again from scratch, and though I could save my project as I was working on it, I would need to export new versions every single time.

Animoto creates videos in different sizes AND uploads them to a custom link at the same time. It saves me countless hours of work.” What Users Dislike About the App

“It’s not very powerful and doesn’t have many options, which is fine in some cases. You can change fonts and the order of your media. Something about the way their fonts lay in the video is just UGLY.

Their animations are…hmm. Additionally, their templates only seem to look decent if one’s media is professionally shot. If you have an idea in mind (i.e., narrative notions or original editing style), skip this one. If you like using animated gifs, keep on looking. (NOTE: You CAN import a gif, it’s just that it won’t be animated in your video.) Also, the layout of the web app is pretty but not very intuitive.”

“It’s incredibly expensive for a monthly plan when the options in the templates do not allow for customization. Some of the templates are corny or old fashioned, and the ones that are not are just overly plain. Some do not allow for image adjustments from portrait to landscape mode.

Overall, it could be revised with template options to justify the cost.” “I’m disappointed that they made the video clip library only available under the Pro+ plan when it used to be available under the Pro plan. I also wish the new “branding” option didn’t put their logo in the corner throughout your video, or that the option was editable.”

“When it comes to customizable videos, outside of the templates and computer generated layouts, it’s very difficult to customize your layout with anything other than the order of sections.” “I think that for advanced users that want more conversion options, like marketers, this software loses some points. It is great for hobbyists. It allows you to create some pro videos, but it loses some over their competition.”

Most of the music that Animoto has for its videos get ads placed on them when used on YouTube.

That makes us not use them anymore and we instead have to either upload YouTube safe music (from YouTube) or royalty free music we purchase on our own. Animoto has made great strides in creating some of their square and marketing video templates, but they could use some more holiday/seasonal and general styles since it’s been a while since I’ve seen some new exciting themes.”