allpondsolutions CUP-359 Pond Pump Filter with Fountain 9w UV Steriliser All in One 2000L/H

allpondsolutions CUP-359 Pond Pump Filter with Fountain 9w UV Steriliser All in One 2000L/H


About this item

  • Pump Power: 2000 Litres per Hour
  • UV Power: 9w
  • Cable Length: 10 Metres
  • optional fountain attachment heads
  • Includes FREE spare impeller

Product description

Product Description

The new All Pond Solutions 2012 model All-in-One System with a 2000L/H pump combines everything required to to run a healthy algae-free small-sized pond. Designed as a single smart unit with a single power cable it allows for a much easier installation compared to a standard small-pond set up.Our CUP-359 Pond System has a built-in 9w UVC Lamp and a built-in filtration system eliminating the need to purchase an external filtration system, which can be difficult to integrate around the landscaping of a small pond.This system is also supplied with a high-quality fountain attachment set comprising of four different fountain attachments, ideal for a variety of displays in your pond. The set also includes a splitter, enabling you to divert water to a waterfall, for example, and both the splitter and fountain are flow-rate adjustable. This gives you total control over the strength of your fountain and the volume of water diverted from the unit.Operation Guidelines: Water enters around the middle and the end of the unit, passing through Maifan Stones and Coarse Filter Foam (Spares Available in-Store) The water is then passed over the 9w UV Light (Encased in UV Quartz Glass – Spares Available in-Store) Prior to exiting, the water passes through some additional fine filter-foam and leaves via the supplied fountain and / or external feature, or simply back into your pond.FeaturesRecommended for use in Ponds up to 2000L (If being used as a Standalone Filtration System) Water Pump Included UV Sterilizer Included Pond Filter Included Water Fountain Included Water Fountain has Angle-adjustment Feature Filter Foam and Maifan Stones Included Adjustable Flow-rate UV ON Light Indication around Centre Water Output Splitter Model: CUP-359 Pump Power: 2000 Litres per Hour Height max: 2m Max Depth of Use: 200cm / 78″ Max Depth for Fountain Use: 525mm / 20″ UV Power: 9w Outlet fits 20mm and 25mm Hose / 0.8″ and 1″ Cable Length: 10 Metres Dimensions: 360 x 105 x 95mm / 14.1″ x 4″ x 3.7″ Free 12 Month Warranty

Box Contains

Pond Pump with built in filter and 9w UV + fountain attachments set

Weight: 3 kg
Size: 2000L/H
Dimensions: 36 x 10.5 x 9.5 cm; 3 Kilograms
Model: CUP-359
Part: CUP-359
Pack Quantity: 1
Batteries Required: No
Batteries Included: No
Manufacture: All Pond Solutions
Quantity: 1
Size: 2000L/H