Product Review of Edmentum Exact Path

Spread the love Personalized learning is no longer a "nice to have" or fleeting education trend. It has become an essential in understanding each student's learning level and adapting instruction to meet those needs. Edmentum Exact Path sits squarely at the forefront of this work, committed to building the school experience around the individual student.

Our diagnostic-driven individualized instruction program supports K-12 students in reading, language arts and math. It uses adaptive research-based algorithms and instructional design to adjust in real-time to learner needs. Students never waste time working on concepts they've already mastered, nor are they thrust too far too quickly; perfect for self-driven learning.

Instead, Edmentum Exact Path ensures that all students automatically receive an individualized learning path of high-quality digital curriculum to close gaps in knowledge and accelerate learning with embedded Building Blocks for remediation, as needed. Research confirms that students who complete at least 8 skills show significant learning gains and, with an investment of at least 20 minutes per session and 40-60 minutes per week (per subject) students are set on their way to improving academic achievement. As students work through their learning journey, the learning path adapts to their needs.

It presses learning forward, following signs of achievement or backing into remediation upon signs of struggle. Notifications ping educators in real-time to alert any immediate needs for intervention, and students can track and celebrate their own accomplishments by earning trophies and completing challenges. Each step of the way, online assignments can be deployed for targeted teaching or reinforcement, built-in grouping tools support data-driven ability small grouping, and meaningful data inspires thoughtful coaching and student conferencing to keep learning on track.

Altogether, student-driven instruction accompanied by educator-friendly reporting support a comprehensive strategy and open student-teacher dialogue ripe for powerful learning gains.