Product Review of Snappilfy

Spread the love Snapplify is a global edtech company with a strong pan-African footprint. With partnerships spanning edtech providers, educational publishers, telcos, and other global education leaders, Snapplify is the largest digital educational marketplace in Africa; the largest aggregator of digital content in Africa; has the largest network of independent booksellers in Africa; and supports Africa's largest community of teachers with the world-class tools and educational content they need to collaborate, innovate and thrive.

Snapplify's education technology is used by education businesses and governments, throughout the wider education ecosystem, to power their edtech products and interventions. Snapplify is an enthusiastic supporter of the digital education revolution, and champions this with 7200+ registered institutions across 30 countries, over 1 million registered users, and the largest network of teachers in Africa. The Snapplify team is made up of technology experts and education experts, with former teachers informing product and customer success strategies within the company.

We primarily see ourselves as experts in technology, but we work closely with educators and educational institutions to build high-quality, sustainable, user-friendly technology that supports their pedagogical needs. These educational institutions (from pre-primary, through K-12 and tertiary level) are using Snapplify's solutions to promote reading, boost literacy and pass rates, facilitate the Flipped Classroom model, and build 21st-century skills. Snapplify's e-learning platform (Engage) is accessible on a freemium model, designed to lower barriers to entry, equip institutions for digital learning, and grow with them.

Schools that are eager to use digital tools for things such as streamlining the ordering process for hardcopy textbooks can do this via Snapplify Engage. Our partnerships with print-book providers mean that schools still get the time-saving benefits of digital purchasing when they order physical textbooks through Engage alongside digital products. Website:

What Users Love About the App "This is a lovely app. Easy to navigate and the online support is fast, friendly and efficient!

They have a wide variety of books and I really like the fact that they cater to children of all age groups. Their collection of books for school is very impressive and helpful. Definitely one of the better apps out there.

I highly recommend Snapplify." "What an excellent website! It has such a wide selection of books, offered in every subject for all grades.

It is quick and easy to use and the service is also friendly and efficient. The only "problem" I had was that there were too many books to choose from, they have them all. Snapplify, you are the best! Highly recommended."

"This really is a great app. I enjoy using it in my classroom and it makes teaching a lot easier. The help service is also very good.

They are hands on and respond quickly. Definitely would recommend this app." "I am truly thankful for this amazing app.

I first used this app with other grades in 2016, much before lock-down, as assistance in my class. When lock-down came I was stuck in the Eastern Cape and my grade 12 learners in Mpumalanga. I jumped directly to Snapplify and had all the textbooks at my fingertips.

My transition to online teaching became a breeze. After returning to school, I still use Snapplify. I am a teacher with co-morbidities and being able to digitally project information is amazing; it's more hygienic than using paper."

"Great app. I really enjoy it. I can study anywhere, at any time.

Thank you for not only helping normal students but also adult students who are studying for Matric. Thank you for the free content as well, since all the libraries are closed now." What Users Dislike About the App

"Poor experience when reporting an issue with a textbook. I have tried the online chat assistance and have been getting assistance via email. However, the textbook is still not working.

It's been almost two weeks now and my daughter is falling behind because she can't make her own notes. I do not recommend Snapplify but will have to continue using it because the school does." "Great concept, and I'm grateful it has been made free during this time.

However, it's very frustrating to use. I have had books "processing" for three weeks. I deleted the app and downloaded it again.

All the books had to be re-downloaded. I was four books away from completion but it showed I had no books anywhere in the app. I closed the app and opened it again only to find that it was re-downloading everything again.

Also, when I archive a book, it undoes the archive in a few seconds and there are no options to delete books." "The app is good, it's just really inconvenient that the books don't have page numbers. It makes it really hard to find what you're looking for as a student when you're required to find a certain page to work off."

"I keep downloading textbooks but when I try to access my books offline, all the books disappear and the app stops working. It happens even when I access it online. I end up having to uninstall and reinstall the app."

"Why do you need internet access? I downloaded this for school and put all my textbooks on this app and when I got to school I could not even open them because I needed internet access. So, you can imagine how frustrated I was because I could not get to my textbooks to do my work.

Horrible app!" "It doesn't make sense that books are decrypted when you open them. The app is slow and inefficient.

You're only able to read books from this app, it has a below average interface and lacks features overall.

It is not worth spending your money on buying books here."