Sigma 33B965 30 mm F1.4 DC DC Sony E-Mount-Black

Sigma 33B965 30 mm F1.4 DC DC Sony E-Mount-Black


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  • Designed for Compact System Cameras with an APS-C size sensor
  • A compact, lightweight lens offering outstanding image quality with F1.4 brightness
  • Image quality rivalling that of SIGMA’s Art line lenses
  • Fast and smooth AF. Corresponding AF Mounts: Sony E-Mount, Canon EF-M Mount, Micro Four Thirds Mount, L-Mount
  • 9 bladed rounded diaphragm

Product description

Style Name:Single

Product Description

The SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary large-aperture standard lens gives owners of mirrorless cameras the opportunity to experience the fun of shooting wide open, with F1.4 brightness. Photographers will enjoy the beautiful bokeh effect that only a large-aperture lens can offer and the exceptionally sharp optical performance expected from a fine prime lens. Leveraging SIGMA’s latest technologies and design insights, this new lens fulfils the concept of the Contemporary line, in which varied elements come together in optimal balance. A prime lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length of 45mm and F1.4 brightness, it offers an angle of view very similar to human vision. The photographer can use the shallow depth of field at wide-open aperture to take stunning portraits and table top still life shots. A member of the high-performance Contemporary line, featuring SIGMA’s latest technologiesFor optimal balance with light, compact camera bodies with a short flange back distance, SIGMA designed the new SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary lens to be extremely compact. Moreover, the special design of the focus lens group allows fast and smooth AF performance for videography and more. This lens combines a compact design and comfortable operation while prioritizing outstanding image quality. Featuring SIGMA’s latest technologies, this lens digitally corrects optical distortion. The front lens element features high-refractive index, high-dispersion glass for extra power and a shorter overall lens length. To optimize the lens for mirrorless cameras, two aspherical lens elements help ensure outstanding image quality and overall compactness. The SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary features SIGMA’s inner focus technologies, while lighter lens elements in the focus lens group make possible a more compact actuator. Moreover, this lens offers outstanding stability whether the photographer is shooting handheld or has the camera placed on a surface. Structurally, the lens features materials and parts that contribute to its compact, lightweight structure. In summary, this is an unprecedented lens that combines outstanding optical performance with exceptional portability and usability. Image quality rivalling that of our Art line lenses The large-diameter lens with F1.4 brightness makes possible a shallow depth of field for a beautiful bokeh effect-unavailable until now in a standard lens for mirrorless cameras. In addition to featuring an optimized layout and power distribution, this lens incorporates one aspherical lens element and one double aspherical lens element, as well as an element made of high-refractive index, high-dispersion glass with high anomalous partial dispersion. By effectively leveraging these technologies, the lens delivers an outstanding level of light to the edges of the image while minimizing lateral chromatic aberration. To correct distortion, the lens takes advantage of the image correction capabilities of the mirrorless camera body, using the corrective power of the optical system to enhance sharpness. The final result is an extremely compact lens that delivers image quality that rivals that of our Art line lenses. Shallow depth of field for a beautiful bokeh effect The large-diameter lens with F1.4 brightness makes possible a shallow depth of field for a beautiful bokeh effect-unavailable until now in a standard lens for mirrorless cameras. The 9-blade rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur in the out-of-focus areas of the image. Fast and smooth AF By incorporating a stepping motor, the lens offers exceptionally quick and quiet autofocusing performance. This feature is especially useful when using the camera to take videos. This lens is also compatible with Sony E-mount Fast Hybrid AF. TSC used for a more compact structure and enhanced performance Since new material Thermally Stable Composite (TSC) is highly elastic, it exhibits minimal deformation. Parts made of TSC are therefore less prone to develop gaps between each other over time. The SIGMA 30mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary features a lens barrel and aperture parts made of TSC, which contribute both to the compactness of the lens and the smooth functioning of the aperture system. TSC helps increase the precision of cells holding lens elements and parts related to the focus lens group, further enhancing lens performance. Please attach a USB Dock to your lens’ mount part, just like you attach your camera to the lens. Please use the supplied USB Cable and connect to a computer which has the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” installed. For further information on how to operate the product, please refer instruction manual of “SIGMA Optimization Pro”. As long as the computers have the dedicated software “SIGMA Optimization Pro” installed and have an internet connection, you can change your computer and still operate in the same environment (excluding history of connected lens feature).

Box Contains

Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC DN Lens Micro Four Thirds Fit
Lens Hood
Front Cap
Back Cap
Instruction Manual
European Warranty Card

Weight: 0.58 Pounds
Size: 52 mm
Dimensions: 7.3 x 6.5 x 6.5 centimetres
Brand: Sigma
Model: 302965
Part: 302965
Colour: Black
Colour: Black
Origin: Japan
Size: 52 mm