Breast Pumps, Hands Free Breast Pump Electric Wearable Breast Pump Portable, 3 Modes,9 Levels Suction ,HD LCD Display, Memory Function Rechargeable -19/21/24mm Flanges (Pink)

  • ❤Comfortable & Adjustable Milk Pump: Generally, the sucking pressure of a baby is 60-100mmHg, however, breastfeeding is not simply stretching the nipples, it’s comfort that is the most important thing. FVEREY Breast Pump is made basing on the principle of imitating the baby’s sucking pressure, with 3 mode and 9 pressure levels settings to stimulate and increase milk secretion, which can ensure every mother can find their own rhythm and produce more milk in a shorter time.
  • ❤No Pain & No Leak Electric Breastpump: Wearable breast pump electrical is made by food grade silicone, skin-friendly, safe and BPA free, and adopts anti-spill design to prevent mothers milk from leakage, both of which taken together can offer a good seal to obtain the best suction and prevent colostrum gone bad. electric breast pump FVEREY maximum capacity is 180ml.
  • ❤Wearable & Portable Breast Pump: Lightweight hands free breast pump electric comes with ergonomics soft silicone breast horn cover, which fits perfectly for most types of mother’s breast shapes and offer a comfortable condition for mother secreting breast milk. Wireless breast pump with 1 200mAh capacity rechargeable battery, It’s convenient for mother pump milk wherever you go. It comes with a USB cable, so you can charge it anywhere. Once fully charged lasts for 120 minutes uses.
  • ❤Ultra-silent & Cleanable breast pumps: Electric breast pumps noise can be controlled below 40dB during the breast pumping, which creates quiet and comfortable space for baby feeding. Mom can use auto breast pump in one side breast to storage breastmilk while another side to feed baby simultaneously. FVEREY hands free breastpumps’ all components can be assembled and disinfected in boiled water or steam except the electrical parts.
  • ❤Good Quality & Good Service: Choose the best breast pump hands free can preserve milk during lactation so that your baby can still get breast milk when you are away. Even when you are with your baby, using electronic breast pumps can help maintain your milk supply. And if you want to continue breastfeeding after work, it is even more necessary to save the milk. FVEREY pumps provide 24H customer service and i f you have any questions of wearable electric breast pump please contact us.
Origin: China

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