Dreamtop 14Pcs Succulent Tool Set Mini Garden Tools Set 26″ × 26″ Plant Work Mat and 13Pcs Succulent Care Tools Kit for Indoor Garden Flower Plants Hand Transplanting Supplies

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Our mini garden succulent tools are easy to use, small and portable .

This product is light weight, durable, easy to carry, gardening enthusiasts must have.

Garden tools can meet all your gardening needs and help you create a vibrant and colorful garden, lawn and yard.

This versatile mini garden tool is suitable for planting flowers and vegetables, weeding, loosening soil, and transplanting seedlings.


A Great Value Pack: 14Pcs Succulent Tool Set Mini Garden Tools Set

Package Includes:

1x spray bottle

3xsucculent tools (shovel rake spade)

1 x dig seedling tool

1 x hole puncher

1xair dust blower

1x spatula

3 x big Garden tools (shovel rake spade)

1 pair of scissors

a pair of gloves

1 x oxford cloth tarp

  • 【14 Pcs Succulent Tools Set】14 Pcs succulent tool sets with different functions meet your garden tool needs. Miniature succulent plant tools set Includes 1x spray bottle,set of 3 succulent tools (shovel rake spade),1 x dig seedling tool,1 x hole puncher,1xair dust blower, 1x spatula,set of 3 big Garden tools (shovel rake spade),1 pair of scissors,a pair of gloves,1 x oxford cloth tarp.
  • 【Multifunctional Succulent Transplanting Tools Set】Succulent tools including seedling tools and transplanting tools, which can easily help you loosen soil, cultivate, transplant, plant, spray and fully treat any indoor or outdoor gardening scene. Use this tool without worrying about harming the plants.
  • 【Extra Garden Tools Set】Our set also included 3 pcs big Garden tools set (shovel rake spade). Durable shovel scraper shovel set is made of stainless steel, rugged and durable. A complete set of tools for your garden and yard.
  • 【Meet Yours Gardening Needs】 Plant potting tarp mat is made of Oxford waterproof cloth, which is waterproof, dustproof, easy to clean and fold. When planting plants, plant potting mat can prevent soil from spilling during use. Comfortable, breathable gardening gloves will keep your hands free of dirt, cuts and scratches.
  • 【Comprehensive and Complete Combination Suit】This combination gardening kit provides you with the right combination, so you don’t need to buy anything extra. 14Pcs different succulent tool kits are available for different plants and a variety of occasions to meet your various gardening needs.
Dimensions: 38 x 25.5 x 3 cm; 470 Grams
Model: Garden Tools
Part: DreamtopLT990-UK
Manufacture: Dreamtop