Ipae-Progarden Komodo Indonesian Effect Folding Chair, Anthracite, 44 x 41 x 78 cm

Extra details

Extra details

Ipae-progarden runs every phase of production cycle, from the planning, the building of moulds and the processing of raw materials, to the manufacturing of products. The most important raw materials used in the production cycle are: polypropylene, calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide, dyes and additives. In production processes high tech machineries are used (extruders for the processing of raw materials, injection moulding, etc.). Our products are the result of a combination of exclusive design, high technology, tested functionality and competitive price. They are sold with the brand Progarden and most of them have the ornamental and/or functionality patent. The polypropylene used in our production conforms to the European quality standards: our products are solid, weather-proof and completely recyclable. Before raw materials are used in production processes, they are tested by an electromechanical instrument which is up to the rules EN 10002-61010-50082 ISO7500-1 ASTM E4. Tests on raw materials, production cycles, and mechanical resistance of products are made in conformity with the rules EN 581/1/2/3, EN 1022.

Box Contains

1 x Komodo Indonesian Effect Folding Chair

  • Made of plastic material
  • Measures 44 cm length by 41 cm width by 78 cm height
  • Available in anthracite colour
  • Item package Length: 10 centimeters
Dimensions: 44 x 41 x 78 cm; 2.38 Kilograms
Model: 8009271022003
Colour: Anthracite
Manufacture: IPAE-Progarden
Colour: Anthracite
Composition: Polypropylene