6 In Mini Chainsaw, Cordless Portable One-Handed Chainsaw

6 In Mini Chainsaw, Cordless Portable One-Handed Chainsaw 0.7kg for Gardening Wood Cutting Logging Saw, with Charger Electric Pruning Saw

Mini chainsaw 24V small electric chainsaw 6 inch wood cutter Hand chainsaws for cutting wooden trees, garden pruning

-6 inch cordless electric one-handed chainsaw;Fast cutting speed, low noise

-Large capacity 24V 2000mAh lithium battery with long battery life;Smart circuit board, overload protection

-Double-sided metal saw blade, high hardness and wear resistance, longer service life;Stainless steel hardened saw blade, no jamming of the teeth after a saw

-Small and light, strong performance, can be operated with one hand;High-performance motor with copper core, simple pruning and pruning

-Safe start switch to prevent accidental start of the machine;High speed heat dissipation system to prevent burn-in after prolonged use;Adjustable baffle to effectively prevent wood chips from splashing;Ergonomic handle, comfortable to hold

  • One-handed operation: only weighs 0.7 kg. Due to its light weight and anti-slip rubber handle, it can be easily operated by female elderly people. It only takes about 10 seconds to cut a 10cm branch, because its high torque will help you with gardening work.
  • The cordless chainsaw comes with a 2000 mAh high-capacity battery pack: to help you get rid of the wires and use it for a longer time in outdoor cutting applications. Charge for 1.5 hours and work for 3 hours, with sufficient performance and long battery life.
  • 6 inch Multifunctional gardening power tools: Mini chainsaws can be used to cut branches, hedges, herbs, tree trunks and shrubs. It is an efficient outdoor gardening tool, an economical and affordable family essential tool.
  • Safety design: With protective baffle, it can effectively prevent the sawdust from splashing around during the cutting and trimming operation of the electric chain saw. In addition, the safety start switch can only be started after pressing the lock switch, which effectively prevents accidental start of the machine and personal injury.
  • Deeply hardened chain: The guide wheel chain of the mini electric saw is deeply hardened, coupled with a unique wooden tooth chain design, which is more efficient and smoother. It is not easy to wear due to wear and has a wide range of applications.
Brand: Pegn
Model: Wmarking UK
Colour: Red
Colour: Red