Amazing Bomberman Is a Dose of Nostalgic Gaming on Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade added Amazing Bomberman to its extensive catalog of mobile games on Friday. The premise is pretty simple — use bombs to blow up blocks and ultimately defeat rival players. Just be mindful to get out of the way of the bomb blast or you’ll be blown off the board.

Your character can revive multiple times, but the more you need to revive, the more your score drops. 

Amazing Bomberman is a fast-paced, competitive retro gaming experience.


The real challenge is that there are other characters on the board — whether you’re playing against the computer or with friends — who are also blowing up blocks. Gameplay can get chaotic quickly. Konami also included a warning for photosensitive players due to the game’s bright, flashing lights.  

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Open the App Store and tap the joystick icon at the bottom of the screen to launch the service.