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How to pre-order the OnePlus 10T

The OnePlus 10T, OnePlus’ performance flagship for 2022, is here. Following weeks of endless leaks and rumors, OnePlus formally announced the phone on August 3. And it did so in big fashion, hosting an extravagant launch event in New York City — OnePlus’s first in-person gathering in over two years.

But while the OnePlus 10T has been unveiled and shown off to the public, that doesn’t mean everyone can go out and buy one right now. Depending on where you live, it may be a while before you can get your hands on a OnePlus 10T. Here’s what you need to know about when you can pre-order and buy the phone.

How to pre-order the OnePlus 10T in North America

Holding the OnePlus 10T in front of a green plant.Joe Maring/Digital Trends

Although OnePlus held the 10T’s launch event in New York, OnePlus fans in North America have a long wait ahead of them before 10T pre-orders go live.

OnePlus 10T pre-orders in North America won’t be available until September 1 — nearly a full month following the 10T’s launch event. And that’s just when pre-orders will be available. Open sales for the OnePlus 10T don’t begin until September 29.

That means you’ll be waiting almost two months after the 10T launch event before you actually get to use the phone for yourself. Why such a long delay? OnePlus hasn’t provided a clear answer on the subject.

It’s possible that it could be due to ongoing chip shortages around the world, but that argument doesn’t hold much weight when looking at the 10T’s launch in other markets. It’s also possible that OnePlus is still waiting on U.S. carrier approval, but at the time of publication, OnePlus hasn’t confirmed any U.S. carrier availability for the 10T. Regardless, once per-orders and open sales do begin, you’ll be able to get the OnePlus 10T at Amazon, Best Buy, and direct from OnePlus’s website.

The 8GB RAM/128GB storage configuration is available for £649, or you can upgrade to the 16GB RAM/256GB storage model for £749.

How to pre-order the OnePlus 10T in the United Kingdom

Interestingly, the 10T’s pre-order delay does not apply to people in the United Kingdom. If you live in the U.K. and want a OnePlus 10T, pre-orders are live as of August 3 — the same day as the 10T’s launch event and practically a month sooner than pre-orders in North America. Open sales will begin much sooner, too, with the 10T officially launching in the United Kingdom on August 25.

But the differences don’t end there!

In addition to earlier pre-orders and sales, the OnePlus 10T also costs significantly more in the U.K.

The 8GB RAM/128GB storage model is available for 799 British pounds (about £976 USD based on the current conversion rates), and the 16GB RAM/256GB storage version costs 899 British pounds (about £1,098 USD).

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