Make Your iPhone Faster by Clearing the Cache

Aug 5 2022


Speaker 1: Your iPhone does a lot of work and over time it might get slower. And know, this is an apple purposely and controversially slowing down your iPhone to prolong its usefulness. This is all on you.

And whether you’re rocking an iPhone six S all at cap America, or have a shiny new iPhone 13 pro your phone gets slower. The more you use it, especially surfing the worldwide web. Look it up weird facts.

Like did you know that a Flamingo can fly 35 miles an hour? [00:00:30] That’s a fast bird. Now over time, all that web browsing starts to clog up your cash, which makes your iPhone slow, but you can make it fast again by clearing that cash. And today I’m going to show you how to do that.

Speaker 1: Most people only need to clear their cashes once every month or two that’s generally when your browser builds up a cash, large enough to start slowing things down, [00:01:00] though, if you frequent a ton of sites regularly, I recommend clearing your cash more frequently, whether it’s Chrome, safari, or wealth, any browser, when you visit a website, your phone downloads data like photos, banners, and other info, and helps speed up that process. Most browsers store, some of this data in a cash. So it’s easier to retrieve next time.

Kinda like if you left your keys on your kitchen counter, so you can easily find them next time you want to use them over time. A browser’s cash gets outdated [00:01:30] and the data no longer matches the current data actually used on the website. So clicking your cash gives your browser a mini reset and speeds up your web browsing again.

Now here’s how you can clear your iPhone’s cash. And I’m gonna walk you through three of the most popular iOS browsers. Let’s start with safari.

Safari is the default browser on your iPhone. And when you clear the cash, it will also affect any apple [00:02:00] devices signed into your iCloud account. And as a result, the cashes on all your apple products will be cleared, which for most people is great.

But word of warning, you’ll need to sign back into any websites you were logged into. Here’s how you clear your safari cash. First open settings, scroll down Speaker 1: And select safari.

Then scroll down and tapped advanced, and then tap website data. [00:02:30] After a moment or two, you’ll see the contents of Safari’s cash. To clear it, tap the, remove all website data button, and then confirm by tapping the remove now button. That’s it let’s move on to Chrome.

Speaker 1: Clearing your iPhones. Chrome cash requires a few more steps and you’ll need to do things through the Chrome browser itself. So the first thing you’re gonna do is open up the Chrome app next on [00:03:00] the bottom, right?

Tap the icon. A popup window will appear with thumbnails across the top slide, the thumbnail icons over until you get to settings, scroll and select privacy, then tap clear browsing data, then tap time range. Now Chrome gives you the ability to clear the cash for different time ranges.

I’m gonna select all time. Lastly, go back to the clear browsing data menu [00:03:30] and make sure that browsing history, cookies, site, data and cash, images and files are all selected. Then at the bottom of the screen, tap the clear browsing data button.

You’ll need to confirm this by tapping the clear browsing data button a second time and well, that’s it for Chrome. Let’s move on to Firefox Speaker 1: Clearing your iPhones cash and Firefox is actually pretty straightforward. First open up Firefox then [00:04:00] in the bottom right corner, tap the hamburger menu icon to open up an options window at the bottom select settings, then scroll down to the privacy section and select data management.

And now you have an option. You can either go to the bottom and tap clear private data. This will clear data from all the sources that you’ve selected, which you can customize.

If you like, or you can tap website data to view and clear data for all individual sites under the website data menu. [00:04:30] There’s also a clear private data button at the bottom of the screen, and that’s it for Firefox after all that I need to clear up my brain’s cash, but let me know the comments. If you have any questions or want to share any other pointers about this, also we do these videos covering apple stuff every week, let us know what topics you’d like us to cover. And last to all the YouTube things like subscribe, hit the bell.

And thank you for watching.