Nintendo has no plans for new Switch hardware… this year

(Pocket-lint) – Nintendo will not announce a Nintendo Switch Pro or any other updated Switch model in 2022. The Japanese gaming giant has previously suggested that a new gaming system is being dicussed internally, but it won’t see the light of day for some time. Instead, Nintendo confirmed that it will concentrate on manufacturing enough of its current Switch models to meet demand: “Normally, we stockpile inventory in the summer to prepare for the year-end sales season, which is at its peak,” Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa told gaming site Nikkei.

“This summer, we are not able to produce as many as usual.” This is due to the ongoing chip shortages that have plagued the games and tech industries for the best part of three years. As reported by Video Games Chronicle (VGC) in November last year, Nintendo current sees the Switch as being in the middle of its lifespan, with a greater focus on software in the interim.

Added to that, the Nintendo Switch OLED model was only released in 2021, so a replacement so soon after would be a surprise.

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And, considering we’ve had a new model every two years since the original launched, 2023 would be a naturally point for it to hit the market.

Writing by Rik Henderson.