Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: Everything we know

(Pocket-lint) – The next mainline Pokemon games are on the way – The Pokemon Company used 2022’s Pokemon Day celebrations as the perfect time to announce Scarlet and Violet, the next two games in the series, which are coming for Nintendo Switch. We’ve now had a few trailers for the games, and glimpses of both returning and all-new Pokemon, so there’s plenty of information about the games out there. Here are all the key details you need to know.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release date

The first trailer for the twin games ended with the information that they’ll be arriving in late 2022, and that was then confirmed by the second trailer at the start of June, which you can see below.

It confirms that the games are launching on 18 November 2022, so you can mark that date in your calendars ready to play either one for the first time.


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer

You can see the first trailer for the games below, which was thankfully not a tiny teaser but a proper showcase with loads of gameplay clips cut throughout it. In early August 2022 we got another trailer unveiling the open world of the game – the Paldea region, along with a whole heap of new gameplay features. It’s embedded below.

It was streamed during a Pokemon Presents livestream that followed the trailer with a lengthy deep dive into the game, so we recommend checking that out if you want more details – again, it’s below in full, with the relevant section starting at the 9:05 timestamp.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet platforms

The two games have both been announced for Nintendo Switch, and will completely exclusive to that platform, which is no surprise at all, given the history of the franchise on Nintendo’s machines. They won’t come out on any other consoles, or on PC.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet gameplay

We’ll start where players will – the starter Pokemon for the game have been unveiled, and they’re looking mighty cute already.

The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Everything we know about the next Pokemon games photo 1

They’re Sprigatito, a grassy cat; Fuecoco, a firey crocodile; and Quaxly, a duckling. It’s a really nice set of starters from a design perspective, in our opinion, with simpler and purer designs than recent generations have brought to the table, so we’re hoping they’re a sign of things to come from other new monsters.

We also know that the games will feature different Professors to guide you on your journey – Professor Sada in Scarlet and Professor Turo in Violet.

The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Everything we know about the next Pokemon games photo 5

While there will as always be a returning roster of Pokemon to go along with a range of new designs, the biggest change this time around appears to be that Paldea is a truly open world, where you can move around completely freely and tackle gyms and find towns in your own order. You’ll have an ally to help you do so – the cover monsters of the games, Koraidon and Miraidon. While you ride them to travel more quickly they’ll morph into swimming, riding and gliding modes to help you get around easily.

The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Everything we know about the next Pokemon games photo 2

We got a look at how open-world systems could help the series modernise in Legends Arceus, so this might be the next big step toward a new look and feel for the franchise’s main entries.

The games will feature four-person co-op, too, which should make for a fun experience – and impressively it looks like you’ll be able to move around the open world while riding your legendary Pokemon without many restrictions, taking on raids and adventures together.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet story

We now know that the games will take place in the Paldea region, which features a range of biomes that look colourful and varied, which you can explore in your own time and in whatever order you like. Over the last decade most Pokemon games have taken a real-world region as their inspiration, such as the United Kingdom for Sword and Shield. That’s likely to have continued for the new games, and most observers are agreed that it looks like some combination of Spain and Portugal are in the limelight this time around.

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The Pokemon Company
Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet: Everything we know about the next Pokemon games photo 4

The geography is a solid match, but it’s landmarks like an in-game version of Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia that are really tipping the balance in those countries’ favours.

We can also assume that, like normal, there will be a team of dastardly baddies to take on throughout our journey, although for now what we’ve learned about the game has showcased a more laid-back style. You’ll be able to tackle gyms in whatever order you like, while another parallel story will involve a treasure hunt initiated by your Academy. The game’s legendaries were in fact shown off at the end of the second trailer, and they’re called Koraidon and Miraidon – they’ll presumably be central to the games’ plots, although unlike in previous games it looks like we’ll get access to them very early on as we travel around.


Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.