Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: One Order of Fidough, Please

A new puppy Pokemon named Fidough may be the ingredient your Scarlet and Violet party needs.

The 1-foot-tall Fairy-type Pokemon, unveiled in a Pokemon video presentation on Wednesday, has already snoozed and pitter patter-walked its way into the internet’s heart.  “The Pokemon people made a bread dog and named it Fidough, I mean come on now,” wrote one Twitter user. “IDC WHAT YALL SAY I AM GETTING A FIDOUGH,” wrote another. There are plenty of dog-like Pokemon out there, from Houndour to Snubbull.

But none of them have ever been quite this dough-y. In the presentation, it’s referred to as a “delightfully squishy” Pokemon that’s smooth when touched. A canine croissant, a pastry puppy.

You just have to love him.

Fans also rallied around an adorable hog Pokemon called Lechonk when a trailer for the new duo of Pokemon games dropped in June. Here’s every new Pokemon we know of so far, including our new food-themed friend, Fidough. And here’s what else we learned about the new games on Wednesday.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are due out Nov.