Yes, Your Pet Deserves Its Own Music Playlist. Here’s Where to Find Them

After spending nearly two years following quarantine rules, pet parents may have noticed hints of extra clinginess with your pawed — or feathered — friends. It’s not uncommon for them to follow you everywhere around the house, sleep in your bed or stare at you out of love. But now that we’re leaving the house for work, errands, vacation and other activities, separation anxiety may be kicking in.

Music may be the remedy they need.

Besides being left home alone, pets are often in other situations where relaxing sounds could help. They may have trouble coping with fireworks, riding in the car, thunderstorms, illness, trips to the vet or grooming sessions. And some animals may just be a bit hyperactive at times.

While it’s fairly known that classical music can soothe a savage breast, it’s not the only soundtrack that works.

A 2017 study conducted by the University of Glasgow and Scottish SPCA highlighted how kenneled dogs’ stress levels drop when they listen to reggae or soft rock. Over the years, other studies have examined how music affects boredom, stress and emotional responses in felines, dogs, pigs and other animals. Whether you have a pet puppy, cat, pig, parakeet or iguana, why not set them up with their own music streaming playlist?

These apps will turn little Bella or Duke into relaxed — or party-ready — musical savants.