ZFFLYH Garden Saw, Mini Chainsaw, Rechargeable Small

ZFFLYH Garden Saw, Mini Chainsaw, Rechargeable Small Chainsaw, Woodworking One-Handed Gardening Saw, Portable Power Tools, 6 Inches,1 battery

Mini 6 inch chain saw, rechargeable garden saw, portable handheld chain saw for logging gardening, tree pruning

1. Mini chainsaw guide plate and chain after deep quenching and hardening treatment, wear resistance, durable.

2. The built-in control circuit board has an overload protection function, and the motor will automatically stop working when it is overheated, allowing you to use it more assured and safer.

3. Lightweight body, lightweight design, long time holding hands not tired.

4. Pure copper motor, strong power, fast cutting speed, improve efficiency.

Package List
1 * Mini Chainsaw
2 * Rechargeable Batteries
1 * Charger
1 * Screwdriver
1 * Storage Box
1 * Manual
1 * Guide Plates

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  • Handheld mini chainsaw small size, comfortable grip, can be used with one hand, long-term use is not easy to fatigue. Ideal for home and occasional work, women and the elderly can easily manage.
  • The chainsaw comes with a safety flap to prevent splashing of wood and sawdust during the cutting process
  • This rechargeable mini chain saw has a low recoil bar and a high hardness hardened chain. Fast heat dissipation ensures efficient motor operation
  • The chainsaw has a built-in durable pure copper motor and high quality chain for strong power, fast cutting speed and higher efficiency.
  • You can cut a 6-inch diameter log in about 10 seconds with this gardening chainsaw
Model: 9141423-703-253