Best Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cases

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Z Flip 4 is building on the success of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, 2021’s sleeper smartphone hit. Phones are becoming more durable over time, but one way to keep yours safe is to buy a good case to protect against those accidental drops and spills. And while the case options for the Z Flip 4 aren’t extensive, there are more for this model than its predecessor, from basic clear cases to more stylish options with an ample color selection, including leather.

We’ve also seen some improvements as case-makers learn from their earlier efforts.

We haven’t tried all these cases yet with the Galaxy Z Flip 4, but we’ve used most or tested similar previous versions with the Z Flip 3, so we have a good idea what the best options are for this new model. As more new cases arrive for the Z Flip 4, we’ll be putting them to the test and will update this list accordingly, so you can find the best offers available.